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Popfacts: Popcap In Facts

More fruits from the fulsome Develop 2010 tree now, this time based on the talk by Popcap's Dave Bishop. He basically turned up and proudly thumped the company chest (albeit in a likeably unassuming way), but based on some of this stuff he's entirely justified in doing so... They tried - and failed - to sell Bejewelled to publishers for just $60,000 when they first…

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Popcap the Question

I can't decide whether this is cute, or trite, or so cute it becomes trite then back to cute then back to trite, and so on until I'm sobbing and screaming at the same time. What it certainly is is smarter than anything I'd ever think of. A canny fella has managed to hack Popcap's Bejeweled to propose to his casual game-lovin' girlfriend. Thanks to…

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