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EA to release a Game of some sorts

A somewhat enigmatic press-release has just emerged from Electronic Art’s UK Chertsey base. It proudly exclaims that they and Starbreeze “Chronicles of Riddick/The Darkness” Studios have teamed up to reinvent an old EA franchise. So far so good. It’s coming to the two fancy non-hand-wavey consoles and the PC. Yes, goddit. Quotes from EA presidents about being pleased to had over the keys to an acclaimed franchise. Yes, yes, yes. The odd thing: they don’t say what the franchise is, just that it’s being developed under the codename “Project RedLime” and they’ll tell us about it later. Now, a press release saying that Starbreeze and EA had started working on something is kind of normal – it’s this little of extra information that’s just bizarre. It’s as if they’re trying to stir up speculation on the internet which… fuck. It worked.

No idea what it is. I’m betting Archon, because I like losing money. Is there any clues in the full press release?
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