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Aztez Trailer Lays It Out In Black And White (And Red)

We first mentioned monochrome side-scrolling brawler (with strategy bits), Aztez, back in the dark times of July of last year. It seems it’s take another year and half to spool itself to release, with the game now due in early 2014. As Adam noted when we first saw this, artist/designer Ben Ruiz seems to be a gentleman who knows his fighting-game talk, so this could well be an impressive beast – what we see here is excruciatingly stylish as it is. Take a look.
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Turn-Based Biff ‘Em Up: Aztez

Aztez is a game in which men hit one another with swords, a stab and slash ’em up made by a man who has thought deeply about fighting games, written down those thoughts, and then created a system of his own. The detail of the mechanics isn’t in overblown special moves but in the length of animations and the timing of button presses. With visuals that invoke the black, white and crimson of Madworld and a turn-based conquest game atop the combat, it’s shaping up to be a very lovely thing indeed. New developer diary below.

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