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Sci-fi romance adventure Alone With You out now

We told you that Alone With You [official site], the “sci-fi romance adventure” from Home creator Benjamin Rivers, was coming to PC on February 9. We told you. Do you think we wouldn’t remember? Do you think we just tell you about these release dates ahead of time because it pleases us? No. We’re doing this for your benefit. But go ahead, ignore what we’ve said. Let us repeat ourselves then. It’s only your own time you’re wasting. Read the rest of this entry »

Alone With You coming to PC on 9 February

Alone With You

I confess I’d missed the chat about Alone With You [official site] – Benjamin Rivers’ follow up to horror game, Home [official site] – when it headed to PlayStation in 2016, but having now peered at trailers and squinted at reviews (trying to parse them for mood rather than spoilers or explicit explainations) I’m pleased about the upcoming 9 Feb release. Read the rest of this entry »

Welcome: Home Dev’s Spooky Romance Alone With You

The twist is that the main character was trapped on a giant Barney The Dinosaur all along.

Oh, now this looks intriguing. A while back, Benjamin Rivers released Home, a side-scrolling horror experiment about building a character’s personality through moment-to-moment gameplay. Choices re-contextualized and even outright changed backstory elements, and the whole thing was just a really interesting way to tell a story. So then, what’s next for Rivers? Why, an equally experimental, er, dating sim, of course – but with fewer menus and more open exploration. Alone With You is about the lone survivor of a failed terraforming project and his/her AI companion. But there’s a sinister undercurrent creeping its skeletal fingers around the game’s mushy gushy heart. Trailer below.

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Home Launches, Keeps Us Up At Night

I do, however, hope the pixelated art style doesn't stop me from being able to tell what things, you know, are.

Given that I’m from the majestic, apparently spacious-sky-ed nation of Amercia, I should probably be sleeping right now. Alas, however, I face a dilemma: I really want to play Home. As in, right now. It’s freshly available for a pithy $2.00/£1.39, and – between a frantic, senses-strangling trailer and a fantastic fictional Twitter account – it absolutely nails the nauseating air of mystery that makes it impossible to look away from great horror flicks – even though you really, really want to.

So then, what’s with all this MRI business? What happened to the main character’s significant other? My brain is sitting in the front row of my skull, eagerly awaiting answers. It’s incredibly painful. But I’m also kind of a giant wuss, and scary things make me turn lights on. So then, to sleep or not to sleep – Home is the question. While I deliberate, here’s this part-live-action (they’re all the rage) launch trailer.

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Indie Horror Home Comes Home In June

'Zoinks, Scoob!' He shouted. But Scoob had been dead for 27 years.
I’ll admit to not having heard of 2D night terror Home until the recent release date announcement, but it’s nevertheless got the cockles of my skittish heart abuzz with fascination. Between paradoxically dingy and vibrant pixel art and an apparent focus on exploration, there’s a bit of a Lone-Survivor-ish vibe to it. Those comparisons, however, don’t seem to go far beyond chilled bones and sweat-drenched skin. Home describes itself as a player-driven murder mystery with a room that “changes – subtly, almost imperceptibly – to reflect your perspective. It’s a horror game unlike any other, and as you’ll discover, its truths are entirely subjective.” Which sounds creepy, kooky, mysterious, and spooky. Also, just cryptic enough to leave me wanting more. Come inside, make yourself comfortable, and let a trailer devour your soul after the break. Or maybe intrigue you at bit, at least.

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