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Feature: Make a constitution check, please

The best game you missed in December 2020: Suzerain

December has provided a bounty of games at the long-awaited death of a hideous year, but its greatest and most unexpected treasure is already clear to me.Suzerain is the modern successor to Hidden Agenda, an ancient political simulator I once described as "possibly the greatest political simulator ever made". A fictional nation still bleeding from civil war has just overthrown a dictator, and elected you…

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Feature: DJ Hero, too

The best game you missed in November 2020: Fuser

I'll always make it my business to check out a game if music is meaningfully integrated. From Crypt Of The NecroDancer's beat-hopping and Vib-Ribbon's path-generating, to the Rock Bands and DJ Heros that clogged up all of our attics with plastic instruments, I love it all. Well... not all. I don't need to tell you that Harmonix are the superstars of this world. They're the…

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Feature: Freedom and canned fish for all!

The best game you missed in October 2020: Mesmer

We are living, we are constantly told, through unprecedented times. Years like 2020 are the kind of years that make me think things like "woah, we are living through history, like, all the time", like a stoned 20-year-old gap year dude coming to self awareness for the first time in his life. In Mesmer you get to be the history maker, in an old-world, European-esque…

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Feature: This game is everything

The best game you missed in September 2020: Craftopia

When Kirby inhales an enemy, he’s able to steal that character’s famous moves as well as a bit of their appearance. Now imagine a group of Kirbys, all attached to one another like some pink frog spawn, inhaling every popular game that released over the last couple of years. Then the violent eruption as Multi-Kirby belches out the result: Craftopia.

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Feature: Twinkle twinkle, little vamp

The best game you missed in August 2020: Milky Way Prince – The Vampire Star

Playing Milky Way Prince made me think about people I would rather forget, and memories that will never quite stop hurting. You know, the ones about the intense, dysfunctional relationships you sometimes end up in when you're stupid and young.It's a game that feels young at its core - the first commercial work of a solo developer, Lorenzo "eyeguys" Redaelli, and the first work published…

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Feature: Will we make it back in time for prom?

The best game you missed in July 2020: Teen Island Simulator

The castaways are a ragtag crew of teens: Lily is smart, Jaimie is athletic, and Oliver is charming. Sure, there’s Audrey, but she’s such a rebel and her crush on Joshua is making it tough for her to get anything done. And on the night of Day 8, Lily seems to have remembered seeing a documentary about a ritual to scare evil spirits and convinced…

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Feature: But not quite

The best game you missed in June 2020: The Almost Gone

For the first few months during lockdown, I spent some of my time at home working on a model greenhouse. I used white glue to attach small pieces of wood to other small pieces of wood, making door handles and boxes of pot plants and watering cans. There was an undeniable feeling of safety in the sway of a life in miniature. That is, up…

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Feature: No, not that other cyberpunk game

The best game you missed in May 2020: VirtuaVerse

What would the sprawling metropolises of a cyberpunk dystopia smell like? If you look beyond the gleaming skyscrapers of point 'n' click adventure VirtuaVerse’s futuristic city, it probably contains whiffs of the industrial odour of diesel and metal, tinged with the stench of rotting food and sewer drains. Even through its pink and blue neon-lit structures, the place is overwrought with gloom and grime. You’ll…

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Feature: A little fall inside yourself

The best game you missed in April 2020: Vertigo

Back in late March/early April, I got to know all the corners and bits and pieces of my house a little better. There’s a small bit of wood chunk missing from the threshold into the kitchen, and a crooked staple in the doorway to my office. The golden afternoon light in my bedroom is unparalleled, but the light in my office before 10:00 is perfect…

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Feature: A stitch in time quicksaves nine

The best game you missed in March 2020: Iron Danger

I really wanted to review Iron Danger back in March, but the world was in the middle of going totally cowabunga at the time, so it rather fell through the cracks. And you know what? I'm damn glad I reversed time and pulled it back from the oblivion of the "want to play it one day" pile, because it's an impressive little number. A lot…

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Feature: Supernatural Snap

The best game you missed in February 2020: DreadOut 2

I’ve often heard whispers of macabre accounts stemming from Malay and Indonesian folklore - which share some overlaps in supernatural beliefs - as told to me by friends and family alike. Perhaps it’s just sheer proximity to these Southeast Asian cultures that makes these spooks feel more intimate and corporeal, but the spirits in these tales are, to me, more eerie than most garden-variety ghouls.…

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Feature: Room for desert

The best game you missed in January 2020: Sands Of Salzaar

Good things, they say, come to those who wait. Like clichés in the first sentence of an article, this is often a load of toss, but a stopped clock is ("That's enough of that, thanks." - Ed).Sands Of Salzaar leapt into Early Access this January, its huge success in China prompting promises of an English translation soon. But 2020 did a lot of things to…

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