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The Very Best Of RPS 2013: Columns

We are very blessed at RPS to have some of the finest, most interesting columnists in the business. Drawing on the expertise of those who passionately care about their niche, it allows us to go big on topics that otherwise might not receive their due attention. Below you can find a guide to our fine, fine columnists’ work.

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The Very Best Of RPS 2013: Gaming Made Me

Gaming Made Me continues to be one of the best occasional features on RPS. The concept began back in 2009, as we talked about the games that had the strongest influences on us. We then started asking others, and indeed getting those who contribute to provide theirs. Back in 2011 Alec pulled together a collection of them all. Last year we pulled together 2012’s additions, and now here are the entries into the lexicon from 2013.

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The Very Best Of RPS 2013: Interviews

As 2013 draws to a conclusion, tying up loose ends, saying goodbye to former companions, before dying and regenerating into a whole new year (which will it be? we still don’t know), it seems an apposite time to look back at some of RPS’s highlights over the last 52 weeks. In this first batch of narcissistic nostalgia, we remember some of the best interviews.

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