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Feature: For it is a human number; it is 40

40 of the best: RPS’ finest reads from 2019

Look, there's only so original you can be with a best-of-the-last-year feature. At the end of the day, a post like this is little more than a rickety bicycle, creaking under the weight of the glistening Content Ogre that rides it. Still, even an ogre's bike needs a decent paintjob, so here's the gimmick: the year is 2020, and 20 plus 20 is 40. So…

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Feature: From The Archive

Street Cleaning Simulator: Diary Of A Street Cleanin’ Man

Every Sunday, we reach deep into Rock, Paper, Shotgun's 141-year history to pull out one of the the best moments from the archive. This week, another Jim road trip, only this time he's cleaning up the mean streets of Street Cleaning Simulator. This article was first published on July 8th 2011 with the title, "Street Cleanin' Man", an age before we were all au fait…

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Feature: From The Archive

Why Fuel Is Still A Showroom Of Videogame Possibilities

Starting today, every Sunday we're going to pull out one of the best moments from Rock, Paper, Shotgun's 141-year history. This week, Jim's road trip around post-apocalyptic racing game Fuel, first published June 22nd 2009 with the title, "Fuel: Around The World In Eight Hours". With The Crew just around the corner, a Mad Max game in-development and open-terrain survival games on the rise, the…

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Feature: Hired Brilliance

The Very Best Of RPS 2013: Columns

We are very blessed at RPS to have some of the finest, most interesting columnists in the business. Drawing on the expertise of those who passionately care about their niche, it allows us to go big on topics that otherwise might not receive their due attention. Below you can find a guide to our fine, fine columnists' work.

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Feature: We Are Of Games

The Very Best Of RPS 2013: Gaming Made Me

Gaming Made Me continues to be one of the best occasional features on RPS. The concept began back in 2009, as we talked about the games that had the strongest influences on us. We then started asking others, and indeed getting those who contribute to provide theirs. Back in 2011 Alec pulled together a collection of them all. Last year we pulled together 2012's additions,…

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Feature: We Took Their Time

The Very Best Of RPS 2013: Interviews

As 2013 draws to a conclusion, tying up loose ends, saying goodbye to former companions, before dying and regenerating into a whole new year (which will it be? we still don't know), it seems an apposite time to look back at some of RPS's highlights over the last 52 weeks. In this first batch of narcissistic nostalgia, we remember some of the best interviews.

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Feature: Ships In The Harbour

The Very Best Of RPS 2012: Campaigns

At RPS our knickers are almost permanently in a twist. And that's because we operate in an industry that's worryingly busy with pantie-bunching nonsense. We're also not the sort of site that likes to stay quiet about such things, and whole-heartedly believes that by making a fuss you can make a difference. Sometimes we have, sometimes we haven't, but we've tended to have an opinion…

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Feature: Next Year: Our Secret Dairy

The Very Best Of RPS 2012: Diaries

Diaries are our most requested feature, and by far the hardest to write. Not because the words are a struggle to find, but because it has to be the right game and the right person clicking at the right time. You can't force them, they have to just happen. A game has to provide the longevity to let such accounts be relevant, and the writer…

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Feature: You Are What You Complete

The Very Best Of RPS 2012: Gaming Made Me

As Space Year 2012 fades into the unreachable yesterday of history, we at RPS have developed preservation technologies that allow us to transmit past articles toward the future. So it is that we're able to capture some of the highlights of the site from the last twelve months, and as with every year, among the highest of those heights are the Gaming Made Me entries.…

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Feature: Thanking Them For Their Time

The Very Best Of RPS 2012: Interviews

While clearly the RPS hivemind's preference is to stay locked in our dungeons, never speaking to Others, occasionally we must break from comfort. And so it is we speak to those responsible for the games we play. 125 times this year, in fact. Of that large selection, below you'll find some of the highlights.

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And You May Have Missed…

Being a big ol' list of the big neat things on RPS you may want to read if you're a newcomer. Or a particularly inattentive oldie. ULTROMEGAFEATURES: Features so big we give them a silly name. The Go Team! Team Fortress 2, class by class. The RPS 2007 Game-O-Calendar: Looking back at the best games of 2007. Games For 2008: The year preview in full.INTERVIEWS:…

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