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Just Lust: San Diego Booth Babe Bounty

Actually, another vague thing from the show with a feminist bent. Right at the end, someone was wandering around with a sign reading TWILIGHT FANS RUINED COMICON. Only a lack of paper prevented me fashioning a sign reading PEOPLE WHINING ABOUT TWILIGHT RUINED COMICON and marching around five feet behind him.

Hello everyone. I’ve been off at San Diego Comicon, having adventures. As usual, when you’re actually at the front, you don’t get any of the bigger picture, so I’ve been catching up. And getting a little annoyed. Ars Technica broke the story on EA’s SDCC Dante’s Inferno compo – and reproduced the full flyer with all the rules – but in short you’re encouraged to take a photo of yourself performing an act of lust with a boothbabe and send in a photo to win a night out with two hot girls and a limo. There’s a bit of a furore. George Broussard has cracked in accusing people of not having a sense of humour and being feminists and/or wimps.

I’m about to come over all feminist. And I don’t mean in a “spraying ejaculate all over Germaine Greer and snapping a quick photo in an attempt to win the competition way”.
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