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Carry On Kampffing: Between The Needle And The City

Between the Needle and the City [official site] looks a little like Papers, Please by way of Blade Runner. As an employee of Honest Minds, initiators of the Humanity Purification Protocol, your job is to interview suspected alien imposters in human form. They believe you’re a psychologist and using that cover you’ll be able to dig into their history and their secrets, attempting to discover the truth. When the conversation is done, the decision as to whether the suspect should be freed or exterminated is yours. The first in-game footage is below.

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Voight-Kampff ‘Em Up: Between The City And The Needle

Between The City and The Needle is a “conversation simulation game” about detecting terrifying aliens in human form. Under the guise of psychological testing, you will interview forty suspects who may or may not be creatures from another planet. You will decide whether they are allowed to leave the interview alive or whether they will be executed so that their skin-suit can be peeled back revealing…well, hopefully there’ll be an alien tucked inside because otherwise you are just the worst. Trailer below.

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