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Winter Is Coming: Winter Voices Get A Demo

She probably just needs a nice cup of tea

Alright, I want you lot to listen up. I’ve just noticed that indie RPG Winter Voices now has a demo available that you can either grab on the official site or using Steam. I don’t want you lot to run off and download it, because I’m positive that most of you would enjoy it about as much as having having smoke rings puffed in your face. Just have a listen of what I have to say and see if the game sounds like it’s for you.
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Wot I Think – Winter Voices: Avalanche

The prologue to episodic indie RPG Winter Voices, Avalanche, was released over the weekend, available for the pocket-sized price of €4.49. Even for an indie game Winter Voices has a standout concept- you’re a girl simply trying to overcome the death of her father. Read on for Wot I Think.

Winter Voices is upsetting. Heartbreaking, even. And writing this review is the hardest part of all. Because my word, is this ever a wonderful idea for a game. And boy, does it ever disappoint.

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