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FREE 3: Play these instead of waiting for E3’s hits

E-3? More like, NO THANKS. Making a tradition of last year’s antics, we are taking a stand against the giants of the industry with some anti-E3 coverage. We started by highlighting some short free games that you can play right now, instead of waiting for Wardor, Forzar or Codwar. But we’re not done. Here’s three more silly things you can enjoy now for the sum total of zero pennies.
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Free Loaders: I Want To Ride On My Bicycle

I’d like to ride on my biiiike! Oh, hello, you caught me singing Queen’s greatest hit, “Bicycle Riding”. You should check it out, it is the sound of this Halloween. I’m singing it because this game I found puts you on a bike and pits you against ferocious cyclists who can only be defeated if you kick them into the road barrier. It’s not cheating. If anyone is cheating, it’s probably the other cyclists. They’re all on drugs, probably. I bet they’re mad for the stuff. So don’t feel bad about kicking them, ha ha. That’s it, boot them into that pit, ha ha. I want to try that bicycle, I’d like to try riding your biiiike!
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