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BioWare share artwork from the cancelled Jade Empire 2

A long, long time ago in video game years, before BioWare were known primarily as the Dragon Age and Mass Effect studio, they were working on a sequel to their action RPG Jade Empire. After multiple internal reboots from Jade Empire 2 to Jade Empire Modern, to spiritual successor Revolver, the project was eventually cancelled internally without ever being announced. BioWare art director Matt Rhodes…

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Feature: So many roles, so little time

There and back again: why RPGs matter more than ever

In a 2019 interview with Retronauts, inXile Entertainment founder Brian Fargo recalled what Interplay hoped to accomplish in Tales Of The Unknown: Part 1, the seminal RPG more commonly referred to by its subtitle: The Bard’s Tale."We were trying to set a mood and build a sense of being there... that there was a world... in our own primitive way," Fargo said. "You started off…

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Dragon Age 4’s magic archer concept art looks well cool

On Friday, Dragon Age 4's executive producer Christian Dailey shared a lovely new bit of concept art for BioWare's upcoming RPG. It's a beautiful piece featuring an archer stood amongst some autumnal ruins. Concept art is about all we've seen of the game so far - well, that, and a short teaser at last year's Game Awards. But nevertheless, it's got my mind racing with…

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The Expanse helped me understand a major Mass Effect plot point

The Amazon Prime series The Expanse is great. It's really excellent sci-fi, and shares many parallels with one of my most loved game series, Mass Effect. Today, I would like to tell you about how The Expanse made me less annoyed at one of the major plot points in the very first Mass Effect. Fair warning, I'm about to drop some spoilers for The Expanse…

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New Mass Effect teaser trailer has Liara in it

I can hardly believe my eyes, but BioWare just revealed a teaser trailer for the next Mass Effect at The Game Awards - and Liara was in it. Blue space-wife Liara from the Mass effect trilogy was in the new Mass Effect teaser, exploring a snowy planet and picking up a discarded piece of N7 armour. What does this mean for Mass Effect 5? Will…

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BioWare’s new Dragon Age 4 trailer teases the return of Varric

Here we go again. BioWare have revealed yet another tiny trailer for Dragon Age 4, but unlike the many before it, this time there's actually some solid info to take from it. We get a look at a new setting (which absolutely looks like Tevinter to me), an evil pouty Solas, and better yet, it sounds like everyone's best dwarven bud Varric is back -…

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Dragon Age voice actor LARPs 40-minute career breakdown

What did you do to celebrate Dragon Age day on Friday? I watched a voice actor get brutally shut down by Dragon Age fans, after he posted the cringiest video I have ever watched in my life. Greg Ellis, the voice of Cullen in Dragon Age: Inquisition, decided that it would be a good idea to post a 40 minute video, in-character as Cullen, complaining…

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BioWare veterans Casey Hudson and Mark Darrah have left the studio

After a long and bumpy road, two companions have this week chosen to leave BioWare's adventuring party. Casey Hudson, the project director for Mass Effect before becoming the studio's general manager, has departed the company after 23 years along with Dragon Age executive producer Mark Darrah. Those are some big departures, but BioWare insists they'll have no effect on the studio's upcoming remasters and long-distant…

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Mass Effect’s weird hacking minigames are in a virtual museum now

If you fancy having a go at Mass Effect's daft hacking minigames without loading up BioWare's big old space RPG, then look no further. Someone has made a virtual museum with recreations of the hacking puzzles from both Mass Effect 1 and Mass Effect 2. It's inspired by the virtual lock picking museum I reported on a few months back - a post in which…

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BioWare and Ubisoft veterans open Yellow Brick Games in Quebec

As they do, a group of developers with past experience at bigtime studios BioWare and Ubisoft have shrugged off the corporate chains and gotten together to create a new game studio. Mike Laidlaw, Jeff Skalski, Frédéric St-Laurent B., and Thomas Giroux have teamed up to create Yellow Brick Games, a new studio in Quebec City.

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More artwork from the next Mass Effect has surfaced

Hello and welcome to the corner of the RPS Treehouse where we sit and chant, "Mass Effect! Mass Effect! Mass Effect!" to will news about BioWare's sci-fi series into being. This week, our dark magic has summoned three (3!) new images of some lovely artwork for the next Mass Effect game, which the developers revealed they were working on during their N7 Day celebrations. Oooh…

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Why doesn’t this Mass Effect PC case look like a spaceship?

Look at this official Mass Effect PC case. I love it, but I hate that it's a Mass Effect case. It's as though NZXT thought: "What would Commander Shepard herself play video games on?" But they should not have done that because - for as amazing as she is - Shepard clearly has boring taste.Shep's casual clothes are like, what, an N7 logo hoodie, an…

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I think the next Mass Effect is set in Andromeda

I called it. I bloody called it. On Friday I asked: "What if BioWare announced Mass Effect 5 this weekend?" So you'll imagine my surprise and delight when the devs revealed they're currently working on a new Mass Effect game. They didn't provide many details, it's all very early days. However, there is an image. A teaser image with some alien silhouettes that suggests to…

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Mass Effect modders have been unofficially remastering the trilogy for years

It's been seven years since the original Mass Effect trilogy ended, and even now modders are working on all kinds of additions and improvements to Commander Shepard's adventures. During the N7 Day celebrations on Saturday, BioWare announced the official Mass Effect remasters, but the modding community also took it as a chance to show some of the unofficial upgrades they've been working on over the…

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BioWare are making a new Mass Effect

Three years after Mass Effect: Andromeda failed to ignite a new sci-fi RPG saga, developers BioWare today announced they are working on "the next chapter of the Mass Effect universe." Huh! Sure, everyone expected them to announce remasters of the original trilogy today (because chat about them has been leaking for months) but this was a surprise bonus. BioWare give no hints about the new…

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Mass Effect: Legendary Edition remasters Shephard’s stellar trilogy next year

Talk about the worst-kept secret in the galaxy. After months of rumbling and speculation, BioWare today announced the Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, bringing all three (quiet, Andromeda) Mass Effect games into one remastered collection next year. While not full remakes, the Legendary collection spruces up Commander Shephard's ageing space saga with better visuals, smoother performance, and all the extra DLC packed into the Normandy's cargo…

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What if BioWare announced Mass Effect 5 this weekend?

N7 Day, or Mass Effect day as you might know it, is right around the corner. This Saturday, a couple of BioWare devs and a load of the original trilogy's voice cast are holding a "very special" panel to celebrate. Now, there are suspicions and whisperings of what may or may not be said at this panel - it would be baffling if all this…

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Mass Effect voice cast reunite for a “very special” N7 Day panel

Ah, N7 Day. A time for Mass Effect fans to come together and be sad because there hasn't been a new game in the series since 2017 (even then, we don't particularly like talking about that one). This year could be different, though. On Saturday the 7th November, a couple of BioWare developers and a bunch of voice actors from the Mass Effect trilogy are…

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