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Screenshot Saturday Sundays: brilliant body language, desert driving, and plant-based propaganda

Screenshot Saturday! A day for peering behind the curtain of game development, at least insofar as carefully chosen early peeks of games-in-progress will allow. This week: some NPCs that aren’t happy with what you’re selling; a desert fit for a car-fight, and a farm that might have more going on than meets the eye.

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Chasm crawls out of the depths and onto Steam

Chasm is that dungeon 'sploring action-adventure game set in a Metroidvanian mining town where all the civvies keep disappearing, dragged into the depths by bad things. You play as a knight who is investigating this unsettling trend, descending into the caverns and catacombs to see what’s up. It first dug itself in on Kickstarter in 2013 but it’s finally finished and has crawled out of…

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Metroidvania roguelike Chasm finally launches July 31st

April 2013: Metroidvania roguelike Chasm lands on Kickstarter, with a demo. February 2014: After going quiet for a time, Chasm resurfaces with a new trailer. July 2018: Chasm finally sees the light of day, releasing July 31st (or 16th for backers). They say good things come to those who wait, and Bit Kid's Chasm has always looked very good indeed. While a multitude of other games have…

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