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Indie Fest Bit of Alright Now Feral Vector, On July 4th

Roll up southerners, there’s ever more games conference fun to be had in sunny London this summer. Feral Vector is a renamed Bit of Alright, an indie games event that’s taken place for the last few years. Brendy drew us up a report on it back in 2012, while the 2013 version featured RPS all-star Cara Ellison giving a talk on Twine. This year already promises RPS-news-queen Alice’s thoughts on readme.txt files and Twitter celeb Christos “failnaut” Reid’s take on personal games, plus many more.

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Bit of Alright: A Report

I woke up on Friday morning in shock. My body told me that I must have been in some kind of plane crash and I went immediately scrambling around for the black box recorder. But all my phone could tell me was that I’d been to what they call a Rumpus. Some kind of Wild Rumpus. Pisshead Airlines flight 343 to Cape Hangover had reached its destination after all. But I was only here to get a transfer. So I quickly hopped on the bus to a Bit of Alright.
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