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School’s in: Hogwarts sim Academagia is on Steam

Academagia [official site] originally came out seven years ago, when Kieron ‘Funny Pages’ Gillen described it as “a scarily deep Princess Maker with Wizards”. It’s a Hogwarts simulator, in which you play the role of one of the new kids at a school for magical sorts, and have to go to classes, learn magicks and other things, make friends (and enemies), and involve yourself in plots and adventures. Primarily text-based, it’s a massive, complex life sim in which character creation is so baffling and time-consuming that I’ve never actually started the game.

Maybe now is the time. The “definitive” version is on Steam, bringing an interface overhaul, all existing DLC, and plenty of bugfixes.

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War Of The Words: 1931 – Scheherazade

There are a lot of words in 1931: Scheherazade, including an extra five in the title that I snipped off so as not to spill onto a second line. Doing that upsets the foundations of Castle Shotgun and once caused the banquet hall to shimmy into the wine cellar, upsetting a worn mahogany rack containing the rarest vintages known to man. The full title is 1931: Scheherazade at the Library of Pergamum and the game is an adventure with a lot of text, though not necessarily a text adventure, a sort of life management game set in a world of “occult horror” and “sweet romance”. It’s from Black Chicken, who made the bewilderingly massive Academagia, and it doesn’t measure its weight in graphics, but in words. 638,954 of them.

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Pottering About: Academagia Impressions

We were sent a copy of Academagia pre-release, and it was rapidly filed in RPS’ “Kieron’s Sort Of Thing” dumper. I had a look at it, bounced off the surface and made a note to return to it, ideally when a demo was out. Since then, we’ve had a steady string of people asking what we made of it, so I manned up, read the tutorials and headed back to Mage College. Because that’s what it is. Academagia is, basically, a complicated Life-Simulator set at a Hogwarts style School. Think Princess Maker with Wizards of Kudos with cantrips. And, frankly, a scarily deep Princess Maker with Wizards.
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