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Posts tagged “Black Friday 2016”

Ubisoft have started 30 Days of Giveaways

Ubisoft are doing "30 Days Of Giveaways" as a sort of advent calendar-cum-LinkedIn workiversary thing. It's a holiday season daily offer to coincide with the fact Ubi have existed for 30 years. I think thirtieth anniversaries are supposed to be pearl things but the most recent thing pearl-related fact I learned was that pearlfish live up the butts of sea cucumbers so maybe it's just…

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Terrific Titanfall 2 is £25 on Amazon UK

Twenty five quid! Just three weeks ago, at launch, Titanfall 2 [official site] was twice the price on Origin. I'm always wary of telling people whether I think a game offers "value for money" because the value of forty quid is entirely relative to how many quids - or cash of another currency - a person has. When I reviewed Titanfall 2 I did mention…

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Bit early: GOG launches Black Friday sale

Black Friday starts earlier every year, I swear. Commercialisation has ruined this heartwarming American family holiday. Black Friday, I'm sure you know, is named after the wide-brimmed black cockel hats the Founding Dads wore to conceal their identities as they shoved for cheap Big Bang Theory DVD box sets. We've already looked a lot of Black Friday hardware and game deals and now GOG have…

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