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Feature: Totally rad

Encased is an Early Access RPG that’s worth starting right now

I have a healthy hesitation when it comes to Early Access RPGs. It almost never seems like the right method to deliver the genre. And then along comes Fallout tribute, Encased, and I’m pretty well converted. While this first playable release of the game certainly has bugs and issues, it offers a hefty chunk of a completely absorbing and intriguing RPG world, that is quite…

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An RPG With A Bag For Life: Greedventory

I've always wondered what really happens inside those vast inventories adventurers keep in their trousers, and here's an RPG that takes inventory management to the next logical step: in the upcoming Greedventory [official site], your bag has its own ecosystem. Visually, it's a little like Darkest Dungeon, though it isn't actually dark as such. Big chunky animated characters and monsters stride or slither across the…

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