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Feature: A wild night out

Have You Played… Night Call?

Santa Claus got into my taxi last night. Not some bloke dressed up as Santa. The Santa. With the reindeer and the sleigh and the presents. I wasn't even aware it was Christmas Eve when my gruff taxi driver rolled out of bed that day, but there he was, his large hat slung over a tired, booze-addled eyelid and his beard all messy around the…

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Void & Meddler Episode 2 Continues Cyberpunk Oddity

Episode 2 of sleazy posturing cyberpunk adventure game Void & Meddler [official site] launched overnight, and I'm quite keen to get stuck in. Once I finish the first episode, that is. I got a bit stuck, thanks to the wonders of adventure game logic, but it's a testament to the game that I've not given up and told it to toss right off. I do…

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Void & Meddler: Episodic Cyberpunk Adventure Started

I really dug weird, sleazy cyberpunk adventure game Void & Meddler [official site], and was glad to hear that creators Dorian SRed and Trevor Reveur planned to flesh their ideas out in an episodic series. The original demo explored a sinister, sad city full of strange sights like giraffepeople, none of which were explained, and had some great slow and atmospheric moments. I'm keen to…

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