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Murderous Pursuits has slunk out of the shadows


That’s a misleading headline. It’d have been more accurate to say Murderous Pursuits has fooled you into thinking it’s not a threat, discarded its AI disguise and stabbed you in the belly with a sabre. It’d be more accurate still to say its a multiplayer assassination game about hunting and being hunted from The Ship: Remasted devs, and that it just came out.

I’ve already told you it’s good. Twice. I’ve since played a few hours of it over the open beta last weekend though – and while I’m still looking forward to tucking into more, I do need to roll back one particular bit of praise. I told you none of the abilities felt overpowered in the way that undermined Ass Creed’s (very similar) multiplayer. That was before I spent the weekend swearing at my screen every time I got flash-bombed.

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Chase Murderous Pursuits in its open beta this weekend


“This is what I’ve always wanted Assassin’s Creed multiplayer to be”, said I in a preview of Murderous Pursuits. It’s a game about hunting and being hunted by Ship: Remasted devs Blazing Griffin, and if you boot up the free open beta this weekend that’ll be doubly true: the devs say they’ll be lurking around, waiting to hit you in the back of the head with a piano leg.

The game comes out on April 26th, so you can treat this as a chance to check out if it contains murders worth pursuing. Or you could just listen to me telling you that it definitely does.

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Murderous Pursuits is the best version of Assassin’s Creed multiplayer


Murderous Pursuits is The Ship: Remasted crew’s latest stab at a multiplayer assassination game, due out next month. Like in previous Ship games, you’re given a target to hunt while another player hunts you. Unlike previous Ship games, you’re on a flying boat packed with alternate reality Victorian time-travellers.

The real difference, though, lies in how the devs have fully embraced the joys of NPCamoflauge: the three rounds I’ve played were much closer to the main multiplayer mode from old Assassin’s Creed games than they were to previous versions of The Ship. Turns out that was exactly the right direction to head in.

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Murderous Pursuits is the next multiplayer assassination game from The Ship: Remasted devs


Oooh, now this is intriguing – The Ship: Remasted devs Blazing Griffin are taking another stab at their ‘murder party’ formula. Today they announced Murderous Pursuits, a game about hunting (and being hunted by) other players. You have to sneak up on your quarry by pretending to be one of the AI characters milling around, just like in the old Assassin’s Creed multiplayer modes but without all that silly jumping. It’ll be out in March.

What’s new this time round? Well for starters, you’re on a flying boat that’s packed with alternate reality Victorian time travellers.

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Clinton And Trump Join The Ship’s Murder Party

The Ship: Remasted [official site] has added political figures including Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump and I don’t know if I have enough tension-defusing “little bit of politics” Ben Elton riffing in me to survive much longer in the current political climate. Clinton and Trump can now lark around on a luxury cruise ship, trying to smash in each other’s heads in with tennis rackets and golf clubs. And in the game. A little bit of politics there, ladies and gentlemen.

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The Ship: Remasted Cruises Into Early Access

Poop poop! That is the sound of The Ship: Remasted [official site] sailing into Early Access. I assume. I have no idea what noise the actual ship makes in the game. Perhaps it’s more of a WHAAAAAAAAAAAP WHAAAAAAAAAAAP? While I try to research that here is some information on this Early Access development:

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The Ship: Remasted Delayed To Add Online Multiplayer

Oh, it’s breaking my heart. I can see you right now, by your screen with your steamer trunk packed and your little sailor hat atop your little head, waiting patiently for The Ship: Remasted [official site] to launch into Early Access. It should’ve been here at 2pm, shouldn’t it? Reader dear, I’m sorry but you’ll have to wait another week.

Developers Blazing Griffin have decided that launching the assassination FPS remake without online multiplayer would be silly, see. I entirely agree. I’m surprised they’d even considered it. The curse of The Ship can drive a man to do strange things…

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The Ship: Remasted Sailing To Early Access In February

Okay, so where's the mast?

For those who’ve not heard of The Ship and have romantic visions of sailing the seven seas, I’ll quickly state that it’s a game about murder. To expand a little, it’s a multiplayer FPS about passengers aboard a cruise ship trying to have a pleasant holiday and stealthily off their target – perhaps catching them unaware while they have a waz. I asked you for murdertales a few months back, and enjoyed all the deathtales you told me.

Now we’re up to speed: hey, the ‘HD’ revamp The Ship: Remasted [official site] will launch on Steam Early Access in February.

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Murder Cruise: The Ship HD Remake Announced

Darling, isn't she beautiful? Let's cruise upon her and definitely not do murders and I'm sure it'll all end WONDERFULLY.

A cursed ship sails the cyberseas. Many who see it fall desperately in love, longing to walk its decks and stealthily murder its other passengers so they can have the ship all to themselves. They follow rituals to summon the ship and they try to create replicas, but their love is doomed. This ship is The Ship, and it is returning once more as The Ship: HD [official site].

After failing to Kickstart a sequel to the first-person cruise ship stealth murder simulator in 2012, Blazing Griffin have scaled their plans down to a “high definition” remake of the original game.

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FTLike: Fleet-Based Space Strategy/Roguelite Distant Star

FTL’s great and all, but just one ship? That’s not really the Battlestar Galactica fantasy, is it? You want a whole bunch of spacecraft in there, wincing whenever you lose one, thinking about what percentage of your race’s population is now left alive, then saying something meaningful but uncomfortably militaristic in a voice that sounds like a road being resurfaced.

Distant Star: Unnecessary Subtitle (oh ok it’s ‘Revenant Fleet’) is basically FTL with a small fleet, none of the crew stuff and an even stronger determination to kill you at the first possible chance. Hooray?
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The Ship Sequel Sets Sail On Kickstarter

Fun fact: RPS is actually operated in its fundane day-to-day fashion entirely from the crowded deck of an upscale 1920s cruise liner. While jovially spinning our thoughts into the most eloquent of wordshapes, Jim, John, Alec, Adam, and I are constantly engaged in a methodical hunt for one other. We like to think that the ever-present threat of death keeps our writing sharp. But finally, I think I’m closing in on my target. Adam, quite simply, has demonstrated that he knows too much. Look at what he said about the just-announced The Ship sequel – titled Full Steam Ahead – nearly a year ago: “Kick-start The Ship… ‘Full Steam Ahead.'” And sure, I may have rearranged some words to break his maniacally brilliant code, but the point’s still clear as day: Adam must be eliminated. But first, let’s talk about videogames!

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Buy One Ship, Get Two Free

Death is alive again

Bargain King Lewie Procter alerts me to new that the new owners of Half-Life mod-gone-pro The Ship are offering a Christmas present to existing owners of the comedy assassination game. And yes, they do openly admit it’s also “a transparent attempt at some shameless marketing”, which makes it an even easier pill to swallow. Basically, if you’ve bought (or decide to buy) The Ship at any point between its release in 2006 and the end of the current Steam Winter sale, you’ll be gifted two bonus copies of the game to give to anyone of your choosing. If they then activate it, they too get a free bonus key to giftify to someone else. It’s like a chain letter, but with activation keys for an agreeable multiplayer videogame about silently murdering toffs on a 1920s cruise liner.
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