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Oasis map, Nu Symmetra now in Overwatch test realm

Oasis - Overwatch

Oasis has arrived on Overwatch‘s public test realm – that’s the bit where new patches are deployed before they make it into the game proper. Oasis the game’s new control point map, rather than Oasis the band fronted by the brothers Gallagher. They’re not in the PTR. Well. They might be if they’re into Blizzard FPSs I suppose, typing “Don’t look back in anger LOL” into all chat. Read the rest of this entry »

The problem with Sombra & the joy of Overwatch Arcade

Overwatch [official site] aka The Shooter You Secretly Fancy And Draw Pictures Of On The Bus To School, recently got a new character, a new map and a bunch of new game modes. No multiplayer FPS has grabbed me so joyously since I murdered thousands of my peers in Halo 2. I think it’s great. But I also like to point out the flaws in things I love. In Sombra, the Mexican hacker with a thing for noses, there’s a lot to like but also some frustration. Likewise with the new map, set in Antarctica, and the new 3v3 elimination game mode. I’ll try to articulate my problems with all of these. Come with me if you’re an Overjerk and you want to froth at the mouth about my opinions.
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StarCraft 2 launches multiplayer revamp, final Nova ep

The third and final episode of StarCraft 2: Nova Covert Ops has arrived alongside a new update for Legacy of the Void [official site]. After years of waiting for the StarCraft spin-off that never was, the psychic super spy finally got her own story in this paid expansion. As for the update, it has brought a big rebalancing of SC2’s multiplayer, adding and removing unit abilities, tweaking numbers, and generally shaking things up with the goal of making more builds and strategies viable. Read the rest of this entry »

Overwatch: Sombra abilities and strategy tips

Overwatch’s notorious hacker, Sombra uses a lethal combination of stealth and debilitating attacks to manipulate her enemies. She’s an excellent addition to the roster and shares a similar combat style to Tracer. Her strength lies in her Hack ability, which gives great potential to disrupt and dictate the flow of a battle, while her Thermoptic Camo and Translocator greatly enhance her positioning. For those looking to create some extremely imaginative plays, Sombra is great pick. Read the rest of this entry »

Overwatch: Ana abilities and strategy tips

Ana’s a versatile support that impacts heroes across the battlefield. Her ability to heal from any range while dealing a fair amount of damage makes the supportive sniper extremely potent. However, playing Ana well requires good map awareness and excellent target prioritisation, which makes her one of the hardest heroes to master in Overwatch. If you like the idea of impacting those around you, Ana is your pick. Read the rest of this entry »

Test ‘Em Up: Overwatch To Host Free Trial Next Weekend

Blizzard have announced they will host a free long Overwatch [official site] trial weekend from Friday, November 18th through to Monday the 21st. We’ve told you Wot We Think of Blizzard’s class-based multiplayer FPS and chattered about it plenty too, but that’s no substitute for playing it yourself. If you’re interested, mark this on your calendar and start rallying your chums. Read the rest of this entry »

Diablo 3 Battle Chest Packs In Expansion With Discount

If you’re one of those “I’ll wait for the Game of the Year Edition” folks, good news: Diablo 3 [official site] now has one. Blizzard have launched the Diablo 3 Battle Chest, a bundle combining the base game and its expansion, Reaper of Souls, with a small discount. And if you have waited four years for this, nice: after years of patching, Diablo 3 nowadays is good stuff. While I no longer own physical copies of any games, the ‘Battle Chest’ name still warms my heart a little with memories of excitement at buying those big old boxes filled with Blizzardy treats. Read the rest of this entry »