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WoW: Gul’Dan Stars In First Legion Animated Short


World Of Warcraft’s Legion expansion [official site] is nearly upon us and as part of the build-up Blizzard have released Harbingers: The Story Of Gul’dan. It’s an animated short offering up a bit of info on the early life of the fel-loving orc warlock:

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World Of Warcraft: Legion Pre-Expansion Patch Now Live

World of Warcraft: Legion [official site] won’t launch until August 30th but the demonic hordes are already making their move upon Azeroth. The traditional WoW pre-expansion patch is now live, implementing a fair chunk of the expansion’s big changes. Lots of classes are reworked, draw distances are increased, the transmogrification system is massively improved so you don’t need to stash loads of old items, equalised stats in PvP means you don’t need flash gear, and plenty more is changed.

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World Of Warcraft: Legion Will Start To Leak In August

The World Of Warcraft [official site] blog is talking about the upcoming Legion pre-patch. As a non-player the update info tends not to grab me particularly (unless it’s about Illidan and looks like a pro wrestling intro) but I do like the talk of the pre-expension patch where the new content starts to seep into the world and set the scene for the expansion.

It’s a transition period that I don’t really get with the games I play. Those are more about dumping in a bunch of changes via a patch and players needing to unpick them. They’re not story-based or world-altering.

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Overwatch’s New Hero Is Ana – Pharah’s Mum

Apparently the fan art is correct: everyone in Overwatch [official site] is mummies and daddies and babies. Blizzard today announced the next hero (summoner? champion? wizard? oh god) added to their FPS will be Ana – who is Pharah’s mum. Ana is a support sniper (as some speculated Sombra might be) with a bolt-action rifle that heals allies and harms enemies, tranquiliser darts, and grenades which heal or harm too. She’s not properly out yet but you can try her in the latest test version.

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Overwatch: Competitive Play Update May Not Have Stopped Leaver Trolling

Overwatch [official site] devs have patched the game to stop that situation in competitive play where opponents could leave mid-match if they thought they were going to lose and reduce your Skill Rating gains at the end of a match to a sliver of what they would have been. The only thing is, the community is still reporting that the issue exists.

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