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Watch Overwatch’s Tracer Show Off Her Heroes Of The Storm Moves

I’m starting to feel like your accidental official Blizzard correspondent at the moment. I think it’s because I’ve been playing a lot of Heroes of the Storm [official site] and Overwatch [official site] so both are in my brain when I’m scouting for news. When I have time I should really update my thoughts on both games, actually. I’ll add that to the To Do scroll.

BEFORE THAT let us turn our attention to a piece of cross-over news. Tracer, the dual pistol-wielding, timey-wimey cockney from Overwatch will be joining the cast of Heroes Of The Storm this month and Blizzard have released a video to showcase her abilities and skins.

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Overwatch: Widowmaker Stars In Animated Short, Alive

I’ve just been watching the latest Overwatch [official site] animated short, Alive. It’s the second of Blizzard’s trailers which give you a smidge more backstory on the characters from their first-person shooter.

This one focuses on the assassin, Widowmaker, as she attempts to assassinate a leader preaching peace between robots and humans. Timeshifter, Tracer, has a secondary role – you can take a peek below:

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Heroes Of The Storm: Primal Zerg Dehaka Burrows In

Primal Zerg hero Dehaka is burrowing his way into Heroes of the Storm [official site] from the StarCraft-iverse to become the game’s fiftieth playable character.

My knowledge of StarCraft lore is perhaps best described as “minimal” but there’s a short Hotline Bling reference in the Dehaka introduction video so now I have “You used to call me through the Overmind…” stuck in my head as a lyric. It kind of fits as Dehaka’s whole deal is that he stayed home on the Zerg planet and is an individual not part of a swarm but I’m not sure that the Overmind would have ever called him because he doesn’t have a psionic connection which I assume you need for zerg brain broadband and booty calls from the Overmind or whatever.

Anyway, here’s how the hero works:

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World Of Warcraft: Noblegarden vs Easter Egg Hunts IRL

Catching up on Blizzard news this morning took me to the World of Warcraft [official site] blog where the company cheerily announced the return of their Easter-themed event, Noblegarden.

Noblegarden is more on the “hunting for brightly painted eggs” side of Easter than the “waiting three days to get resurrected” side. I assume it’s at least partly because the latter would make raiding rather inconvenient*.

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Overwatch: Why Blizzard Are Cutting Tracer’s Over-The-Shoulder Victory Pose

Blizzard are swapping out an “over-the-shoulder” victory pose for their Overwatch [official site] character, Tracer. Put like that it sounds like a standard art tweak as part of a game’s closed beta process but the move ended up causing a brouhaha because of how it ties into conversations about female representation and the use of sexiness in gaming.

The decision to remove the “over-the-shoulder” pose was announced by game director Jeff Kaplan as part of a forum feedback thread on whether the pose was appropriate to the chipper time-shifting hero and then further clarified after a backlash. In the original post the author, Fipps, praised Overwatch’s female characters but noted that the Tracer pose “just reduces Tracer to another bland female sex symbol.”

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Overwatch Gets Hearthstone-style Brawl Mode

I’ve spent most of the week trying to work out what time it is and whether this bowl of cereal constitutes night breakfast, actual breakfast or lunch breakfast. I’ve given up on that and am now enjoying “Overwatch patch notes breakfast”. Blizzard have taken a leaf out of Hearthstone’s book (a card out of their deck?) and have introduced Weekly Brawl! mode to the beta of their multiplayer shooter.

It’s an Overwatch [official site] mode which changes weekly to offer a different challenge than that of the main game. Some of the modes will be more about the challenge aspect – a random hero selected for you each time you spawn so you’ll need to figure out the characters and make them work – and some are closer to novelty – ALL SOLDIER: 76 ALL THE TIME.

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Overwatch’s First Animated Short Introduces Winston

Overwatch is less like Team Fortress 2 than it initially appears, but one of the ways in which it is similar is that Blizzard are producing a series of short animated trailers to introduce each of its characters. That begun last night with this first video introducing Winston, the “super-intelligent, genetically engineered gorilla” pictured above. You can watch it below.

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