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10 Heroes, 1 Lane In Heroes Of The Storm’s Latest Map

Blizzard’s take on the lane-pusher genre had maps of various shapes and sizes, but it was missing a one-laner until now. With their latest, the Lost Cavern, Heroes of the Storm [official site] wants to give the community something they were apparently already trying to make on their own: a map with no objectives, no lane pushing, and just one unending teamfight in the middle.

Predictably, it won’t be part of the competitive side of the game. More surprisingly, it won’t have its own dedicated queue: people will have to personally invite their friends to enjoy it. And it won’t be quite an ARAM map. Just an AM, without the random.

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Overwatch To Get Animated Shorts & Graphic Novel

By the time Blizzard’s forthcoming multiplayer first-person shooter Overwatch [official site] arrives at the end of May, it’ll be packing 21 characters. Which is a heck of a lot of colourful, whimsical, unique ability-sporting personalities to get our heads around – however will we keep up? Blizzard reckon a series of animated and digital comic shorts, and a graphic novel will help us learn the histories and idiosyncrasies of the Overwatch cast beyond the game itself. The first of those animations is out later this month and will look a little something like this:

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StarCraft’s Dehaka Will Be The 50th Hero Of The Storm

Prepare the cake and light up the candles, because Heroes of the Storm [official site] has announced its next hero, bringing the roster up to 50 characters! What do you say? We don’t do candles and cake anymore? We just give them an achievement?

Anyway, as reported by Destructoid, it’s Dehaka’s turn to join Blizzard’s MOBA. He comes from Starcraft, and among his abilities it stands out that he won’t be able to use mounts.

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Blizzard Update Warcraft III For Your Modern OS

After blowing off the dust from Diablo 2 to make it work more smoothly on modern systems, Blizzard have moved on and polished another one of their classics, 2002’s Warcraft 3 [official site]. The patch was released last Tuesday, and the notes promise future updates to the gameplay alongside additional fixes.

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First Of Three StarCraft II Mission Packs Out This Month

StarCraft II: Nova Covert Ops [official site] is the three-part single-player standalone StarCraft II mission pack that was announced at BlizzCon last year. Back then, a vague “Spring 2016″ release date was attached to the first installment, however Blizzard have now confirmed March 29 as launch day for those living Stateside, and March 30 for Europe.

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Hearthstone: Whispers Of The Old Gods Announced

Set to release in “late April/early May”, Blizzard have announced Whispers of the Old Gods as the next Hearthstone [official site] expansion. The update is the first of 2016 and not only promises 134 new cards, but also brings with it some major format changes designed to make competitive play more accessible to newbies, among other things.

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Overwatch Due Out May 24th, Open Beta May 5th

As pranks go, paying a big website to run an advert detailing incorrect dates for a game’s open beta and proper launch would be an expensive and silly one. I recognise that not everyone shares my sense of humour, but I was pretty certain that the dates in an ad for Overwatch [official site] were leaked early and not a bundle of japery. But, offering more evidence that my humour judgments are absolute, Blizzard last night confirmed that their multiplayer FPS will enter open beta on May 5 (earlier for pre-orderers) ahead of a May 24th launch. An official announcement also means new official moving pictures to watch.

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