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The writing of censored journalists has been republished inside Minecraft

I've seen Minecraft builds for just about everything, but it's a rare day that a blocky build in-and-of itself fights for a global ideal like press freedom. In honor of World Day Against Cyber Censorship yesterday, a new in-game library has opened its doors called The Uncensored Library. Players can download a copy of the library to explore offline or join the server where copies of…

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Visit Minecraft’s theme park map to celebrate its 10th birthday

As part of Minecraft's tenth birthday celebrations, Mojang have commissioned a virtual theme park celebrating the build 'em up. It's available as a free map for all players. Exhibitions include a sculpture garden of monsters in a glasshouse, demonstrations of redstone-powered doohickeys, museums, galleries, Easter eggs... it seems real fancy. A season of festivities for a mere tenth anniversary might seem churlish but hell, Minecraft…

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Minecraft’s Brutalist Build Yields Beauty

Created by Wuxa, image via BlockWorksThe Minecraft Brutalist Build yielded some rather attractive results as part of RIBA's Day of Play earlier this month. The Brutalist Build was a partnership between RIBA (the Royal Institute of British Architects) and BlockWorks, a team or artists, architects and designers who specialise in Minecraft projects.

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