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FUMBBL Finally Tackled

This is sad, but not unexpected. FUMBLL have received a (fairly reasonably phrased) cease-or-desist letter from Games Workshop. FUMBBL has been the long-running online java bloodbowl client thingy, and been the premier way to play Blood Bowl for years. In fact, even now after the release of Cyanide’s game, if you don’t care about any of the bells and whistles – I actually think they do add something to the experience – it does a better job of simulating the game (Including all the teams, showing the maths better, etc). Of course, that FUMBBL is such a good league system, it does beg the question why Cyanide didn’t just copy it wholesale, y’know? Its timing is particularly bad for RPS forumites, as their league is just coming to the close. The question that’s on everyone’s lips is “why now?”. As in, they’ve been ignoring it until now. What pushed them to make the move?

The Complete RPS Cup: A Season In Hell

Pre-John Walker's violent entrance.

For the last month, The RPS Cup has been fought. Against seven brave (or at least psychotically deranged) teams, I’ve lead my plucky underempiredogs – The Skaven Blighters. It produced seven match reports which try to illustrate exactly what it is to play Blood Bowl. That being, a mixture of triumph and failure – both of the coaches, and of the developers. You’ll find them all below…
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Blood Oath: Mat Kumar On Blood Bowl

I do like Griff Oberwald

Just finished writing up the penultimate Blood Bowl match report, which I’ll be posting tomorrow, but I found myself reading Mat Kumar’s piece on his reservations on Blood Bowl. The Caledonian Chaos Warrior is a bit of a dice-head on the quiet, but he’s found himself frustrated…

“Now, I wish I could say I picked up Blood Bowl and it’s everything I’ve dreamed of and more, but it’s really not. Blood Bowl, on the PC, brushes so close to perfection that it’s driving me utterly bonkers.”

A lot of people have been turned on by the match reports, despite me really trying to talk about the interface problems too. I think, just a a matter of balance, it’s worth linking to Mat’s piece which really stresses them – and not just because he’s terribly nice about my journals. Go read.

The RPS Cup: Blood Bowl Campaign Diary Intro

There's no Chaos Warriors in the actual RPS Cup, which is something of a shame, as they look TRES SEXY
I’ve been playing Blood Bowl to the death – mostly other people’s, occasionally mine. I can’t actually do a Wot-I-Think review, due to feeling uncomfortable with my conflict of interest. But I’ve played so much, with its UK release imminent, I wanted to do something. As such, with the second season of the RPS Cup now under way, I thought I’d take you with me on the rise and fall of the Skaven blighters. Why don’t you join me? Join me..
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Games Codes, Area Codes and Grey Areas.

Lizardman: the poor man's Skaven.

It’s a story I’ve been following since, in the aftermath of raising an eyebrow at the forty-quid British Direct-Download sales price of Cyanide’s Blood Bowl, a gentleman mailed me and pointed me in the direction of sites which just sell the serial code for Blood Bowl. Sites like G2Play and Online Key Store, charging fifteen euros and twenty dollars respectively. They’ve both been operating for well over a year, doing it for a variety of games, but I suspect the unusual combination of factors (price difference, smaller size of audience) has given it greater prominence. Cyanide are strongly objecting. LewieP from Savygamer has been doing the heavy lifting on this one, so it’s worth going and reading his hard work, but here’s the situation as I see it…

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Skaven Mad: Blood Bowl Released, Expensive

Beautiful Skaven. The sexiest of the rat-men. The horny horned god. Oh what am I saying?

Hmm. Blood bowl’s just been released via Digital Download. I almost didn’t blog about it. Which is some going when I normally leap a the slightest chance to mention the Skaven. The reason why is the small matter of its price. It’s forty quid, digital download only. And there’s no demo. That’s not on, is it?
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Bowling For Goblinbine

Huh. Why haven’t we posted about the upcoming Blood Bowl electric videogame for a while? Oh, that’s it – because we hate Skaven. Can’t stand the ratmen. We’d never discuss them, and there’s no way one of our number would spend his every spare minute painting plastic figurines of them. No way.

Since we last posted about Cyanide’s adaptation of Games Workshop’s brutal fantasy football tabletop game, the whole gamut of the game’s playable races has been revealed. You got yer Orcs, Humans, Dwarfs, Lizardmen, Goblins, Skaven and, as most recently announced, Wood Elves and Chaos. Which rather makes this one of the most faction-full Warhammer-related videogames in ages, excitingly.
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Bloodbowl: Images and Moving Images

Following this afternoon’s sports theme, we get something a little more meaty: a trailer and some screenshots for the upcoming Bloodbowl game. This if, of course, is the Games Workshop boardgame in which the denizens of fantasy RPG-world tear each other to shreds in fights over an inflated pigskin, while wearing clothes that look remarkably similar to the armour worn by American foot-to-ballists. In keeping with the boardgame, Bloodbowl is be turn-based. No crazy Speedball-style gaming here – we’re talking tactics. After the click: a trailer and some enormous images.

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Bowled Over? Blood Bowl Site Goes Live.

Stunties, Orcs, etc.

While there’s little actual information available on the site proper, the first official shots of Cyanide’s version of Games Workshop Fantasy Football are become available. It’s coming across several formats, including DS, so who knows what version these are for. They look kinda PCy. Let’s say PC. Cyanide’s most relevant previous game was Chaos League which – er – I may have done the English translation for the commentators for. Er… is that the time? Go screens!

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