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He’s Not A Drop To Drink: Walter

The sign is telling you to drink his innards with a straw, trust me.

Walter is not a stop motion point and click game about a bag of water exploring the world. The trailer suggests that’s what it’s going to be before actually demonstrating that it’s a gorgeous platformer with fluid physics, state changes and a delightful sense of wonder. Fair enough then, although I’d probably play the stop motion version as well. Unfortunately, I’ll have to wait until the terrifying future time that is 2013, at which point all of Earth’s water will have been turned into brown fizzjuice by Coca Cola, which will then sell it to the highest bidder at horrific blood-auctions. Poor Walter’s going to look like a terribly inappropriate work of mockery. See for yourself below.

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Interview: Blossom Minds On Life After Eden

I hope this is a main character.

Yesterday it was announced that ten former members of Eden Games in France have split to create a new independent studio called Blossom Minds. A tongue-in-cheek press release explained that they were no longer interested in AAA games, but wanted instead to focus on digitally distributed smaller ideas. We got in touch with the team to find out more, and have heard back from designer Jerome Braune. He explains to us why the studio started, their reasons for going indie, and how they won’t be making any more driving games. In fact, they’re making a platformer.

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Eden Games Devs Create Blossom Minds

I'm not convinced they're taking this entirely seriously.

After the brouhaha at Eden Games, leading to the team going on strike over what they claimed was poor management from Atari, a number of the key players have had enough and broken off to form their own studio. So Blossom Minds is born. There’s ten former Eden peeps in the new team, describing themselves as “veterans and high-profile game developers”, declaring they are done with AAA, and now intend to release games digitally, beginning next year.

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