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Gunscape Is A Quake-Style FPS Construction Kit

Now *this* is a game.

Eventually everything you loved will be reborn, not as an expensive and confused studio reboot, but as a block-building or procedurally generated indie game. It’s a future in which communities and computers will be re-building your memories in perpetuity. In Gunscape, it’s the late-’90s FPS which is getting the block treatment, as it offers a construction kit for building Quake 1-3 style singleplayer and deathmatch levels, with texture and prop packs intended to allow you to theme those maps as you please.

There’s a Kickstarter campaign ongoing, which currently has $4,237 AUD of its $27,500 goal, though there’s plenty of footage of the game and editor already in action in the pitch video. There’s even a pre-alpha demo. I’ve had a quick play of it, but here’s the elevator sales pitch: “You could for example take the blocks and props from the Halo-inspired set, and the enemies from the Turok-inspired set, and build yourself a deathmatch map in space where you can hit a button and release velociraptors on the other players.”
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