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Feature: Essential boardgame news

Cardboard Children Post-Essen Shakedown

Hello youse. Well, it was Essen Shpeel (that's how you say it). Another big games show, and lots more board game news. So let me just cherry pick a few bits of exciting post-Essen news bites, and then we can knuckle down to weeks and weeks of covering new games that will make a dent in your family's bank account this Christmas. I'm a games…

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Feature: News about boards

Cardboard Children – September Board Game News

Hello youse! Oof! Just made it under the wire for the September Board Game News update. Honestly, I keep hoping against hope that there will be at least one month where there's no board game news, but it just keeps on coming at this point. Games, games and more games, flowing at us like a cardboard river. And I just can't fight the current. It's…

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Cardboard Children – August Boardgame News

Hello youse. There's a grand old maid across the sea, so the story was recalled to me. And from dawn to dusk you hear her call down in front of the Wailing Wall. But we're here to talk about board games, and I want you to forgive the fact that it's September already, because we're doing the AUGUST BOARD GAME NEWS! Just pretend today is…

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Feature: How lucky are you?

Cardboard Children – Gen Con News

Hello youse. Gen Con Gen Con Gen Con. Gen Con Gen Con Gen Con. As any fool knows, Gencon is the world famous game convention thing, with the Con in Gen Con standing for “Convention” and the Gen in Gen Con standing for I don't know what. Today I want to tell you the stuff from Gen Con that IN MY OPINION is of interest…

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