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Feature: Are they!?

Cardboard Children – Are Games Dumbing Down?

Hello youse. A man called Robert Florence gets on a train to London at 2pm, leaving from Glasgow. If the train is travelling at 80 miles per hour, and the distance to London is 860 miles, how clear is it that Robert doesn’t know how far it is to London? But what I really want to know is: How tall is Robert when he’s on…

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Feature: Diving deep into The Hobby

Cardboard Children – Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower 1

With the release of the new Warhammer Quest from Games Workshop – full name “Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower” - I thought it might be good to do a deeper exploration of what it is to go deep into a new Games Workshop game. Buying something like Warhammer Quest (isn't it exciting that there's a new Warhammer Quest?) is not the same as buying your average…

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Feature: A diamond of a game about diamonds

Cardboard Children – Queen’s Necklace

Hello youse. I've been playing board and card games with my daughter far more regularly these days. She's 9 now, and so she's crossed over into an area where lots of games are suddenly entirely playable, and to a high level of ability. In fact, I'll be honest, she's more often than not hammering me at games. The most recent game she completely dismantled me…

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Cardboard Children – T.I.M.E. Stories Revisited

Hello youse. I've covered T.I.M.E. Stories before, and I was very interested in the response to that review in the comments. I've also found the discussion about T.I.M.E. Stories across the internet in general to be, quite honestly, very entertaining. There's never really been a game quite like T.I.M.E. Stories before, and so, almost four months after my initial review, I want to talk about…

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Feature: A popcorn boardgame

Cardboard Children – Zombicide: Black Plague

Hello youse. ZOMBICIDE has been hangin' around for some time. There's been ZOMBICIDE and ZOMBICIDE: Zombie Biscuits and ZOMBICIDE: Attack of the Zombies and probably one called ZOMBICIDE: Attack of the Biscuit Zombies Part 2. In this Kickstarter-fuelled era of boardgaming, ZOMBICIDE is the poster child. ZOMBICIDE is the one pulling in the big bucks. But where is ZOMBICIDE now? Well, it's in the Middle…

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Feature: Find the gold within.

Cardboard Children – Shadows Of Malice

Hello youse. Shadows of Malice is a bizarre thing. It's like a board game that fell out of time, something that tumbled through a warp rift from the 1970s. But then – no, it's modern enough in places that it can't be something from the past. It's a hybrid, then, of times and styles. But it looks like the kind of thing the kids might…

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Feature: How do you decide which games to keep?

Cardboard Children: The Cull Part One

Hello youse. Well, the cull is underway. Actually, I'm going to capitalise this... Yes, The Cull is underway. I have too many board games, not enough time to play them all, and not enough room to store them all. So some of them have to go. And I thought it might be interesting to document that process here over the months ahead. As this is…

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Cardboard Children – Best Boardgame Of 2015

Hello youse. In the first few years of doing this column, I would always do a Game of the Year award thing. It's the kind of thing you're supposed to do at the end of a year, right? You look back over the months and follow your heart to the place where everything was magical for you. There was a time when a game would…

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Feature: A surprising, simple story game

Cardboard Children – T.I.M.E. Stories (Spoiler Free)

Hello youse. We were all sitting at my kitchen table, and I was laughing so much it hurt. I was in physical pain. Sure, I was a little bit drunk. But me and my pal were absolutely roaring with laughter, and it wasn't just the wine – sometimes wine gets us a little bit melancholy. Believe me on that. I can't tell you exactly why…

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Feature: Drive yourself mad.

Cardboard Children – Elder Sign: Gates of Arkham

Hello youse. I'd avoided Elder Sign, because I'd heard that it was a weak game. A dice game drawing on HP Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos (more accurately, a game drawing on Fantasy Flight's other Cthulhu game Arkham Horror), I'd heard that it lacked bite. As much as I love rolling dice, and I DO love rolling dice, I just felt that Elder Sign was a game…

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Feature: videoGaiden returns in 2016.

Cardboard Children – January 2016 News

Hello youse. Oof, it's 2016. We are all so old. I'm almost 40, and so are you. Even if you're 19, believe me, you're almost 40. Did you have a nice Christmas? Did you get any board games? Are you loved? Are you in control of your life? Well, bully for you, pantywaist. Shall we look ahead into 2016 in the world of board games…

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Feature: Flavoursome

Cardboard Children – Warhammer Quest – The Adventure Card Game

Hello youse. I'm a big fan of the old Games Workshop game Warhammer Quest. It's a big ole dungeon crawl board game, full of miniatures and beautiful artwork, with one of the smartest sets of rules you'll ever encounter. It's expandable as hell, and there is room all around the margins to make the game your own with fluff and narrative and house rules. The…

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Feature: Life.

Cardboard Children – Screwball Scramble

Hello youse, and Merry Christmas! At dinner, just the other night, the TOMY action game Screwball Scramble was brought out as a post-coffee treat. And a treat is exactly what it was. This wasn't a board gamer's house, and everyone in attendance was an adult. I played it while beautiful people watched, and it felt like something very real.

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Feature: Why Talisman should be expanded forever.

Cardboard Children – Talisman Forever

Hello youse. Well, they've announced yet another expansion for one of my favourite board games – Talisman. And I want to just talk on Talisman a little bit today and what's important about games like that – particularly as we're just round the corner from Christmas. Talisman isn't the most popular game with board game fans. It's too “”random”, too “light”, too long. But those…

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Feature: The Ewok Experience

Cardboard Children – Risk: Star Wars Edition

Hello youse. Today, RISK. Wait, come back! I'm not – Hey, forget I said RISK. Just – can we – hey, come back! Listen, honestly, friend, I just – YES, IT SAYS RISK ON THE BOX. But listen – please, take your coat off. Please. Give me the benefit of the doubt. Will you give me a chance? I just – look, I shouldn't have…

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Feature: Ideas for Christmas presents

Cardboard Children – Christmas Shakedown

Hello youse! It's been weeks of in-depth board game talk on here, digging down into the specifics and mechanics. I thought it might be nice to have a relaxed pre-Christmas chat about the new games on the shelves on the run-up to the Big Day. So, not really board game news, but more of an overview of what's new and interesting in this beautiful gift-buying…

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Feature: How to write your own

Cardboard Children – Analysis of a Session Report

Hello youse. Last week I told you I was going to do a session report of the new Games Workshop game The Horus Heresy: Betrayal At Calth. In the process of writing that session report – the first session report I've ever done as part of this column – I realised that I don't really know how to write a session report. And now I've…

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Feature: Games Workshop at their best.

Cardboard Children – Horus Heresy: Betrayal at Calth

Hello youse. Most of you who read these pages will be aware that the Games Workshop board game Space Hulk is one of my favourite games of all time. In fact, it was re-buying Space Hulk that brought me back into board gaming in a big way. So I've always had a soft spot for Games Workshop's line – in particular, I'm always impressed by…

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Feature: Traditional skeleton fighting.

Cardboard Children – Dungeon Saga

Hello youse. When it comes to board games and Christmas (look, shut up, it IS nearly Christmas) I always think about good old HEROQUEST. “Fire of ROFF!” and all that. So I thought it might be good to check out a brand new board game from Mantic that tries to recapture that old HeroQuest feel, right down to the plastic furniture. READ ON!

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