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Feature: A card game for the tipsy times.

Cardboard Children – Skull

Hello youse. In the run-up to Christmas I'll be banging out reviews of board games old and new, to flush every last penny out of your battered old wallet or purse. I am going to be reaching into your coat pocket, giving you a Fagin smile, and singing “gotta buy a board game or two, boyyyyyy-ho-ho-hoyyyy”. And you know what? I think you're going to…

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Feature: Get cake.

Cardboard Children: Portal

Hello youse. A few years back, there was an obscure little indie game on PC called “Portal”. It was about using portals to solve environmental puzzles, and those of us in the know had an absolute blast with it. It was followed by a sequel, called “Portal 2”, which was also great fun – but too long and with annoying voices. Now, not many people…

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Feature: Essential boardgame news

Cardboard Children Post-Essen Shakedown

Hello youse. Well, it was Essen Shpeel (that's how you say it). Another big games show, and lots more board game news. So let me just cherry pick a few bits of exciting post-Essen news bites, and then we can knuckle down to weeks and weeks of covering new games that will make a dent in your family's bank account this Christmas. I'm a games…

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Feature: More Magic

Cardboard Children – MtG – Arena of the Planeswalkers

Hello youse. Magic The Gathering: Arena of the Planeswalkers is a bit of a mouthful, right? But it's definitely a title worth saying, and definitely a board game worth ordering. I was surprised by how good this one was – let me break it down for you real quick right here in this column today.

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Feature: News about boards

Cardboard Children – September Board Game News

Hello youse! Oof! Just made it under the wire for the September Board Game News update. Honestly, I keep hoping against hope that there will be at least one month where there's no board game news, but it just keeps on coming at this point. Games, games and more games, flowing at us like a cardboard river. And I just can't fight the current. It's…

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Feature: LE: Predator vs. LE: Alien

Cardboard Children – Legendary Encounters: Predator

Hello youse. Here's a fun Predator story for you. When I was in my early teens, Predator was on TV late at night. I was over-tired, but I just had to stay up and watch it. About 45 minutes in, I noticed that the jungle had actually started to sprout out of my TV set. My room filled with loops and spirals of jungle foliage,…

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Feature: Piece Of Think

Cardboard Children – Rab’s Board Game Think Piece

Hello youse. I realised that I've never done a board game think piece. You know what a think piece is, right? It's like – It's a bit of writing about a thing, and it's composed of things that you've thought about that thing. Or something. I mean, I know that sounds like every bit of writing, but think pieces are different. They must be, because…

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Feature: One For Your Tomb

Cardboard Children – Valley Of The Kings: Afterlife

Hello youse. I love Ancient Egypt stuff. I always have, from way back in the day when I had a subscription for a magazine called “Discovery” at my local corner shop and my mum didn't pick it up in weeks and weeks and it ended up spiralling out of control into a giant bill and we had to avoid the shop for ages and –…

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Cardboard Children – August Boardgame News

Hello youse. There's a grand old maid across the sea, so the story was recalled to me. And from dawn to dusk you hear her call down in front of the Wailing Wall. But we're here to talk about board games, and I want you to forgive the fact that it's September already, because we're doing the AUGUST BOARD GAME NEWS! Just pretend today is…

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Feature: The Sexiest Boardgame

Cardboard Children – Witness

Hello youse. Do you like leaning really close to a person and whispering in their ear? So close to them that the heat from your breath makes the fine hair on their neck prickle? Do you like whispering secrets? Do you like it when your lips brush an earlobe and you hear a small catch in someone's throat? Almost a gasp. Almost a sigh. Then…

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Feature: !

Cardboard Children – Specter Ops

Hello youse. As we run up towards the release of what will probably be the greatest video game of all time, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, I thought we should maybe take a look at a recent release that tries to capture that MGS feel. It's a game called Specter Ops, and it's about an agent sneaking into a facility to complete some…

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Feature: Oh, me side-oh.

Cardboard Children – Giallo

Hello youse. A few weeks back I asked for indie game designers to get in touch, so that I could try to bring some smaller, more interesting games to your attention. Board games are booming right now, but I always feel that one of the best ways to support a scene is to get right down around the foundations of it and scratch around for…

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Feature: All Of It

Cardboard Children – July Board Game News

Hello youse. First of all, thanks for the lovely comments after last week's column. You're a lovely bunch. It was very much appreciated. Second of all, it's time for the July board game news. We're in the middle of the BIG BOOM of board gaming, and there's a lot to cover. I've chosen some of the most interesting stuff to tell you about today. Dig…

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Feature: A Deck Building Game

Cardboard Children – Legendary: Marvel

Hello youse. When I reviewed Legendary Encounters, the Alien deckbuilding game, I was aware that the game system was already well-established as Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game. I liked Legendary Encounters a lot – so much that I called it my game of the year – and promised myself that I would try out the main Legendary line as soon as I could. Well,…

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Feature: Let's Talk About Sadness

Cardboard Children – Sadness: Into The Rays

Hello youse. “Sadness: Into The Rays” is an indie board game, with an intended print run of 10. I'm lucky enough to have a copy, and I'd love to show you some pictures of it – but I can't. Right there in the manual, on page three, it says this - “The designer asks that you do not share any images from this game. Your…

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Feature: Expandalone Or With Friends

Cardboard Children – Expansions Round-Up

Okay, so next week I have a MAJOR REVIEW of a very important indie game. It's not a new release, but it's a historically important one, I think. And before we head off into better coverage of indie/small-print releases, I think it's one we have to cover. Before THAT though, we need to clear the decks a little bit. I realise that there are a…

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Feature: NEWS!

Cardboard Children – June Board Game News

Hello youse! It's time for the June board game news. And it's summer! It's actually the summer! I can tell it's the summer because here in Glasgow it has been grey and rainy for weeks. It is absolutely glorious! But at least it's perfect weather for staying indoors to play board games. Or the perfect weather for staying in to, I dunno, whatever it was…

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Feature: Paid Mods, Licensed DLC, And Cease & Desist Letters

How Do Boardgame Creators Feel About Tabletop Simulator And Infringing Mods?

We asked Paul Dean of splendid boardgaming website Shut Up & Sit Down to investigate the future of the enormously successful boardgame software, Tabletop Simulator [official site]. He spoke to the creators, as well as boardgame designers, to discover their feelings towards copyright-infringing mods that replicate their games, plus the possible benefits of paid mods and licensed DLC. The first time I saw anyone playing…

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Feature: Only Warhammer

Cardboard Children – Warhammer 40K: Conquest

Hello youse. I promise that this will be the last Warhammer or Warhammer 40K related game I cover for a little while. For some reason it feels like there's a Warhammer everything these days. Warhammer board games, Warhammer lunch boxes, a Warhammer lingerie line at Ann Summers. I don't want to fatigue you with all this Warhammer talk, so I'll make sure to cover something…

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