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BIS Community Awards Winners

Ooh, I completely meant to post this last week, and never clicked the button. Bohemia Interactive Studios have announced the winners of their Community Awards 2009, in which they flag up all the sterling efforts of their busy community. This is awesome for all kinds of reasons, but mostly because it’s good to see a company that relies so heavily on its community making all efforts to thank them for what they’re doing. The full shortlist for the awards can be seen here, and the winners (including that winning machinima video) are posted below. Congratulations to all involved, obviously.
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BIS Community Awards 2009: Voting!

BIS and Idea Games send word that they have moved from nominations to the voting stage of their community awards for last year’s modding and community-operating efforts. Anyone can vote, but it’s probably worth familiarising yourself with the variously nominated mods, campaigns, add-ons and community members. The detail thread for the various nominees for the five categories can be found here, while the voting form is here. The voting phase is open until 31st January 2010.

Not familiar with the game? Let our Quintin introduce you to its delights.

Bohemia Interactive Community Awards

We’re totally covering these awards! Bohemia Interactive, makers of Arma and Arma II, are once again running an awards competition for mods and other user-made content created by their community. I feel that this kind of acknowledgment of a community’s support for a game is crucial, especially since it’s unique to the PC as a platform, and absolutely vital to the ongoing life of these kinds of games. Needless to say, Bohemia’s CEO Marek Spanel agrees. He says: “We have always believed in the power of a strong community and the benefits which both sides receive from such a strong relationship. I respect each and every fan that spends hours and hours doing the precise and patient work on new ingame models, missions or even complex modifications such as completely new environments or campaigns. We would like to express our thanks to all these guys and we believe that an annual Community Awards is the best way to celebrate this exhaustive work and show the fruits of such labor, beyond the walls of our own community forums.” All the details on the awards, and how to vote, are below.
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