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Bohemia Community Awards: Vote Now

Bohemia sends word that the voting stage of their community awards is now open. Marketing manager person Michal Harangoz├│ says: “The community awards seems to be a success – we had 5 categories, 500 nominations each – total 2500 nominations… Now we┬┤ll move to the second phase which ends on 28th February.” You can get your vote on just here.

Did anyone from the RPS readership make it in there? Pimp your wares!

Get Voting: BI Community Awards 2010

We do love a bit of Arma 2 action here at RPS – it’s a regular for game nights, and an all round top manshoot – and so it’s a delight to be able to announce this year’s Bohemia Interactive Community Awards. You can nominate your favourite mods, missions and videos just here. For a reminder of the highlights of last year’s event, check out the winners here. Full details of the awards can be found beneath the click.
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