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Where’s The Boning? Bonetown – The Power Of Death

Way back in 2008, Kieron played Bonetown, a game where you beat up dudes and totally do it with hot chicks. And by "do it" I mean "engage in the act of sexual congress"! But I'm pretty puzzled by the sequel, Bonetown - The Power of Death [Steam page], which launched yesterday. I don't see any hot chicks, for starters. Or boning (that's slang for…

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NSFW: Bonetown Demo: Hotttttttttt Coffee?

Always being ones to big-up progressive indie games we... actually, waitasec. Bonetown is probably the biggest budget true-porn game I've ever seen - hell, it's even got Ron Jeremy in it. You can buy it from their site, and there's a 500Mb demo. What is it? It's basically GTA with all the automobiles swapped for autoeroticism. Clearly, I plan to get a review copy and…

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