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Finally: The Death Star Trench Run For Oculus Rift

I am, frankly, surprised that it’s taken this long for someone to recreate Star Wars‘ Death Star trench run – which has filled starry eyed younglings with dreams of space combat since time immemorial – in Oculus Rift virtual reality. I mean, it’s a quintessential touchstone of sci-fi geekery, and what is Oculus Rift if not an extremely overt attempt at realizing our childhood fantasies of the fuuuuuuuuuuuuture? Plus, if EVE: Valkyrie has proven anything, it’s that people will go gaga for eyeball-first dives into star-dolloped expanses. Personally, I kind of just want to strip away the action altogether and play Star Pacifist: Space Observer, where one mouse button makes you go “Oooooooooo” and the other makes you go, “Aaaaaaaaaaah.” But this will do quite nicely for now. Video below.

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