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Posts tagged “Bounding Box Software”

Retro FPS Prodeus summons the demons of crowdfunding

Given that I'm still playing Doom 25 years later, I doubt I'll ever tire of fast, messy demon-crushing shooters. Prodeus, from a duo humbly calling themselves 'Mike And Jason' on the game's store page, is a fine-looking take on the genre. It  blends modern rendering techniques with intentional low-fi grubbiness, and what looks like some fast, fun gory shooting. In order to hire on some extra…

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Prodeus blends old and new in a familiar retro FPS cocktail

Befitting this most cyber of days, newly announced retro FPS Prodeus features chunky pixels and glossy lighting effects that combined make it look like a fake game from a late 90s techno-thriller. Feeling like an anachronistic demake of 2016's Doom, there's a Metroid Prime-ish HUD, preposterous levels of gore and stuttery animation that is probably meant to evoke Quake 1 but looks like claymation. Naturally,…

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