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Amnesia Fortnight 2014 Offers 31 New Double Fine Pitches

Amnesia Fortnight is two weeks every year during which Double Fine allow their entire staff to pitch and make game prototypes, with the goal of eventually expanding a few of those games, and maybe turning some into a full retail release. It's the process through which Costume Quest and Stacking were born; it was opened to public voting and documenting last year, birthing Spacebase; and…

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Breach Around, Eurogamer Review Out

Morning my chirruping and greasy internetlings. Did you know that download-only multiplayer shooter Breach has been released? Alright. But did you know Eurogamer has also published my review? Yes! It's like some kind of coincidence. In the review, I say things like this:The English language has one four letter word which is more beautiful, more important and more heartening than any other. You know which…

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Breach Gets Its Gadgets Out

Breach, the forthcoming wall-penetrating multiplayer destructo-shooter, is out on January 26th, and the team are showing off the various gadgets and techno-trickery that supplements the blowing-holes-in-walls bits, in a new trailer. For more information of rather more textual variety, please browse Quintin's preview feature, where he talks about the game because he has seen it and so forth. Yep.

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Not Brink, Not Reach: Breach

Breach! It's a download-only class-based multiplayer FPS coming in Jan 2011! Oh yes it is.I went pottering along to a preview event on Wednesday for some hands-on time. As it turns out, Breach focuses on encouraging some authentic military tactics, and, more excitingly, boasts some really advanced destructible environment tech. Atomic Games president Peter Tamte laid out for me like this:

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Destructilism Part 3: Breach

The studio behind the Close Combat series, Atomic Games, have announced that they're doing a multiplayer combat game with destructible tech along the lines of RF:Guerrilla/BFBC2. The game is called Breach, and it's going to hit this summer for a budgetly pricing of $15.Virtual warriors can punch holes through floors to get the drop on enemies below, breach both interior and exterior walls, crush enemy…

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