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Fit For A King waltzes out

Hear ye, hear ye! 16th-century regency simulator Fit For A King is available now, bringing a taste of rulership to the masses. Step into the shoes of Henry VIII and attempt to outshine your French rival king with your money and excesses. If you don’t know what emulating Henry VIII entails, here’s a trailer that’ll elucidate. I have a history degree and I can confirm…

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Live out your wildest Henry VIII dreams in upcoming Fit For A King

Who among us has not dreamed of becoming a regent, tasked in theory with running the country but in practice exerting diplomatic humiliation on your rivals by living to the maximum excess possible. These dreams come true in Fit For A King, the Henry VIII simulator that’ll allow you to carry out his three favourite activities: getting hitched, executing people, and throwing cash around like…

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