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Get A New Mouse: Redwall Game Is Go (Again)

Turns out Bethesda have done the smart thing, and announced a crossover between the Elder Scrolls and Dishonored. Redwall will bring the Redguard to the city of Dunwall, as the warriors of Hammerfell use roof-based exploration to uncover a slightly incoherent conspiracy. Pre-order now for the exclusive Pinky Demon character skin.

Just wishful thinking, alas. No fantastical universe crossovers for you, young fellow-me-lady! Perhaps, though, it’s no less preposterous a concept than making a game based on Brian Jacques’ long-running series of children’s books about mice vs rats (and other talking beasts too) in an abbey-based war. Soma games, an Oregon-based Christian developer, have the license, third-person action is the apparent genre, and Kickstarter will provide the funding.
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