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Fright Light: Cute And Creepy Adventure Bulb Boy Is Out

American McGee's Kirby

Bulb Boy [official site], like Dropsy, is a word-free point and click adventure that mixes the heart-warming with the grotesque. While Dropsy never ventures into straight-up horror territory, however, Bulb Boy is packed with monsters and menace. Playing as the titular child, you wake in the middle of the night to find your house infested with monsters and must use the light within your bulbous bonce to clear the place of critters. I played a demo of the game last year when it was raising funds from the crowd and thought it was rather splendid. The full game has now arrived.

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Filament Face: Bulb Boy

If Bulb Boy were a Silver Age comic book hero, he’d be called Light Lad and would have a father figure/mentor called The Illuminated Man. They’d be crap, obviously, their giant glowing bonces intruding onto the periphery of Justice League International photoshoots. Bulb-headed folk (Bulb Face?!) simply aren’t meant to be superheroes. Too fragile. Too limited in their capabilities. Perfect for a point and click horror game though, in which a portable light source is a handy resource, particularly when it’s in the form of a detachable head, eyes and all. Bulb Boy is currently Kickstarting, has a short demo (download or play in a browser) and is an unusually stylish creation.

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