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Burly Men at Sea head for bookshelves

Burly Men At Sea

Burly Men At Sea‘s [official site] was one of my Games Of The Year for 2016. The developers, Brain&Brain bill it as a quiet adventure and I tend to describe it as an interactive storybook. You’re in charge of the voyages of the Brothers Beard and your choices and interactions guide them through tiny adventures at sea. But now you can have one of those adventures made into a hardback book if you want something for your actual bookshelf. Read the rest of this entry »

RPS 2016 Advent Calendar, Dec 11th: Burly Men At Sea

There were a lot of great stories told in PC games in 2016, but only one great storybook. Day eleven of The RPS Advent Calendar, which highlights our favourite games of the year, brings…

It’s sea-faring adventure Burly Men At Sea!

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Wot I Think: Burly Men At Sea

Burly Men At Sea

We talked about Burly Men At Sea‘s [official site] absolutely charming art and animation at length yesterday, but I wanted to make sure we also covered how the game is to play. Can the experience of heading out to sea with the hopes of filling the empty-at-first chart match the strength of the aesthetic? With that in mind, I set sail for adventure! Here’s Wot I Think:

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State of the Art: Burly Men At Sea

Burly Men At Sea [official site] sailed onto my radar at Rezzed earlier this year. Part of the Leftfield Collection, the game offered a beautifully stylised tale about three bearded brothers going off on an adventure. The reason I was particularly excited was, more than any other game, the demo I played seemed to capture the essence of children’s story books and translate that to the screen in a way that felt natural.

To find out more I spoke to one half of the development team at Brain&Brain, Brooke Condolora and asked her to share snippets from her sketchbooks and from across the game’s development.

Take a peek after the jump, and click on any of the images to see a larger version.

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Burly Men At Sea Offers Hyperstylised Folktales

Burly Men At Sea [official site] is another game from the Leftfield Collection at Rezzed which I want to post excitedly about. It’s a beautifully stylised folktake about fishermen heading off for adventure. It made me think of children’s books and how, when you get one which has been well-designed, the art and the story work together to create the sense of particular events or objects. A simple scene transition used a widening triangular shape to create the sense of exiting a whale’s mouth, for example.

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