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Bounce Upon A Time: Basketbelle

That guy on the right looks like a dribbling idiot.

Michael Molinari’s browser game But That Was [Yesterday] brought an actual tear to my eye, an act not incomparable to summoning a squirt of lemon juice from a pebble, so I’m pretty excited to have just found out what he’s working on next (via the Indiegames blog, of course). It’s a project titled Basketbelle, a game of flashbacks and “good old 1-on-1 backyard basketball action” that “does not have [brackets] around its title”. You can watch the debut trailer below. If you can get past… ME!

C’mon, small fry! Whaddya got! Huh! Watch out!
Here you go!

Leap Years: …But That Was [Yesterday]

I wonder if Mirror's Edge was a metaphor, too.

Lo-fi indie browser game …But That Was [Yesterday] is worth your attention. It’s a textbook example of how to do more with less, and by “how to do more” I mean “how to tug at your heartstrings like bell ropes”.

That this little browser game moved me is hardly surprising because I am like a leaky bucket of emotions, but that it also moved Mike “Dead Inside” Rose of the brilliant Indie Games Blog should speak volumes. Go and play it, Rock Paper Shotgunners, and give it a couple of minutes. It starts off slow.