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Byron Review: 8/10

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The Byron Review has been published, and the results are perhaps surprising. Surprising, if only because it doesn’t appear to be a sensationalist response, nor indeed one ignorant of the realities of videogames and modern media. If there’s one overall conclusion to be drawn from a lengthy report, it appears to be that parents need to take a greater degree of responsibility. The full report can be read here, with links to shorter versions and other related information here.

The report focuses its real concern on the internet, and this would seem reasonable. However, in the extensive coverage of gaming, Byron’s conclusions are that we need to educate parents, and to revise and reinforce the current system. Rather than, say, ban all forms of gaming and imprison any involved on the Sun.

“The voice of better informed parents should then drive industry investment and continued innovation around child safety in video games.”

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