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Smiley’s Shooty Adventure Whatever! Sale

Aciiiiiiieeeeed (Copyright 1989)

Do you remember 2008? I don’t. It’s a foggy place of my head. I vaguely remember travelling from a beautiful land of green to a towering, black, smoke-ridden edifice, but that may just me getting confused with rewwatching all the Lord of the Rings films. Anyway, according to the record of the internet, back then I wrote about the arena-shooter trippiness of Smiley’s Shooty Adventure. Anyway, news reaches me that Caffine Monster Software are having one of those popular “pay whatever you like sales” to celebrate its second birthday. So instead of the ten dollars, just give some money and it’s yours. You can try the demo other there, or watch the new trailer below…
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Get Shooty: Smiley’s Shooty Adventure

Before I return to reviewing Mass Effect – next week on EG, comrades – I cleared my head by annihilating a mass of pixels, as is my wont. Smiley’s Shooty Adventure is the excellently named Caffine Monster Software‘s first game and is a Robotron-styled arena-shooter with mouse combat, co-op and assorted Minter-esque pixel-annihilation. I bloody hate pixels. If you hate pixels, you should get the demo and punch them in their guts. It also oddly reminds me in parts of a game I programmed in Easy Amos back in the day called Blimey!, but that’s probably the sort of irrelevancy which gets RPS a bad reputation. My take on it, beneath the cut.
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