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Smiley’s Shooty Adventure Whatever! Sale

Do you remember 2008? I don't. It's a foggy place of my head. I vaguely remember travelling from a beautiful land of green to a towering, black, smoke-ridden edifice, but that may just me getting confused with rewwatching all the Lord of the Rings films. Anyway, according to the record of the internet, back then I wrote about the arena-shooter trippiness of Smiley's Shooty Adventure.…

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Get Shooty: Smiley’s Shooty Adventure

Before I return to reviewing Mass Effect - next week on EG, comrades - I cleared my head by annihilating a mass of pixels, as is my wont. Smiley's Shooty Adventure is the excellently named Caffine Monster Software's first game and is a Robotron-styled arena-shooter with mouse combat, co-op and assorted Minter-esque pixel-annihilation. I bloody hate pixels. If you hate pixels, you should get the…

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