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Go Team! Part 5: The Sniper

I don’t know about you, but The Sniper seems a little, well, disconnected. I mean I’m there in the fight alright, but I’ve usually got something on my mind. That thing is usually the other sniper.

While Team Fortress 2 happily throws up the “Nemesis!” tag for those enemies you give you a kicking once too often, it doesn’t acknowledge the real battles that are taking place. The most defined of these are the duels between opposing snipers. There’s always one, and he’ll always be devoted picking you off first. And so the sniper respawns and has one target in mind: the guy on the enemy team. The fight devolves from one where the sniper is an element of supporting, long-range firepower, to one where there’s only a single goal: to stop the other sniper being effective. It’s a duel like no other in the game.
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