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An adorably blocky Mega Man visits Monster Hunter: World this week

If you're a bad person, you dress your cat up for Halloween. If you're totally rad? You transmogrify your pet into Mega Man - it's fun for the whole family in Monster Hunter: World's next event. As listed on the official event page, this October 19th marks the arrival of the first silly crossover event for the PC Monster Hunter: World.  By fighting your way…

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The Capcom Beat ‘Em Up Bundle comes out swinging today

The brawler, beat em' up or whatever you want to call it is a largely forgotten art - the Capcom Beat 'Em Up Bundle might just help you remember how good they can be. Released on consoles recently, this pack of seven arcade ports - complete with bonus features and online co-op - contains some real gems, and made its PC debut today. Including the…

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Monster Hunter: World gets spooky for Halloween tonight, plus a big patch

Monster Hunter: World is gearing up for the Autumn Harvest Fest, a halloweeny in-game event beginning tonight and running until October 18th. In preparation, Capcom have rolled out a massive patch for the game, fixing a slew of bugs and making some quality-of-life tweaks as well as carving the pumpkins and writing up the new event quests. The update comes with patch notes so long,…

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Mega Man 11 zaps, bounds and powers up on PC today

You wait literally decades for a decent Mega Man PC port - now the new and shiny Mega Man 11 is out, capping off a nineteen game streak of platform shooters featuring Capcom's iconic Blue Bomber, assuming you're counting the Legacy Collections. The first main-line Mega Man game since 2010, this one offers familiar platforming with a modern cel-shaded 3D look and some new options to ease players…

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Objection withdrawn! Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy coming to PC

After years of OBJECTIONS! and protestations from PCpeeps, Capcom are finally bringing the courtroom drama of their Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney games to us. The first three of their interjectory visual novels are being fancified and bundled up as Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy, coming our way in "early 2019". I've heard warm and loving things from folks (about the games and about me) who…

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Devil May Cry 5 features demon hunters old and new in a new trailer

The gang's all here, minus Dante's trouble-making brother Vergil. Capcom had a fresh trailer for their upcoming demon-blatting hack n' slasher Devil May Cry 5 for the Tokyo Game Show, and this one's a bit more heavy on the in-game action. While DMC4's returning hero Nero is set to play the lead role again, original devil hunter Dante is back with his sidekicks in tow. Check…

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158 jobs lost as Dead Rising developer Capcom Vancouver closes down

Capcom Game Studio Vancouver - the team behind Dead Rising 2, 3 and 4 - is no more. Confirmed in a statement to Kotaku, the Canadian outfit formerly known as Blue Castle Games is closing their doors today after a series of cancellations. While "a skeleton crew" will remain at the company until January, a total of 158 will lose their jobs. The writing has…

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Feature: The sun rises

The best Japanese games to play on PC

After spending much of this decade catching up with the rest of the world, the Japanese games industry is truly back, and PC gamers have been reaping the rewards of this renaissance. It’s taken time for Japanese developers and publishers to get on board, especially with consoles and smartphones remaining the dominant gaming platforms in their native country. But as classic console franchises finally make…

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Feature: More monsters to slay.

Monster Hunter: World PC free update events: Kulve Taroth, Lunastra, Deviljho, and Behemoth release dates, battle tips, lore

With the surprise release of Deviljho, the roster just got that little bit bigger, meaner, and snappier. Despite this though, Monster Hunter: World still has a rather substantial set of monsters to fight, including Elder Dragons that will surely test your skills as a monster hunter. The console versions currently have a few monsters that are not currently in the game. Some are permanent additions, while others…

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Feature: Ready to learn, rookie?

Monster Hunter: World guide: monster hunting basics, combat tips

With Monster Hunter: World now being out on PC for a fair while, players are starting to get into the later game. However it can still be somewhat daunting for new players who are not as experienced. Console players have had at most a decade's head start with new things being introduced steadily, though this is being widely seen as an optimised version of the previous games.…

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Feature: Pickle!

Monster Hunter: World Deviljho: how to kill it, what is its weakness

So you've beaten every single monster in Monster Hunter: World, or so you think. Capcom recently added a returning monster from the other Monster Hunter games, only this version is a lot more savage than ever before. Deviljho - a gigantic pickle with teeth, can be found roaming the many areas of Monster Hunter: World, much like how Bazelgeuse does. The main difference is that while…

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Free new monster Deviljho crosses the sea into Monster Hunter: World today

DEVILJHO! An oddly fun name to say, though you'll probably be exclaiming it with a little more panic than that, as this roaming slab of angry teeth and spikes is now wandering Monster Hunter: World. Deviljho presents a new set of problems for those working their way through upper and high ranked hunts - it largely does as it pleases, and what pleases it is…

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Feature: You fell for my little trap.

Monster Hunter: World capturing: how to capture monsters, is capturing better than killing?

While killing a monster is one way to finish a hunt, you can also capture the large monsters of Monster Hunter: World. Some quests will ask for you to capture instead of merely "hunt" a monster,  and you will fail the quest if you kill it by mistake. It's somewhat daunting to know at first how to go about this, especially since the game never explains…

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Feature: Get your weapons 'ere!

Monster Hunter: World weapon tree: what materials are needed to craft weapons

With new materials comes the opportunity to make better stuff, no matter if you're just starting out in Monster Hunter: World or a seasoned veteran. With the sheer amount of equipment on offer, it's somewhat confusing to know just what you need at any given time to make the thing you need. This guide contains tables for how to craft armour and the materials you need for…

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Feature: Fashionable hunting

Monster Hunter: World armour builds: how to craft armour, what materials you need

With new materials comes the opportunity to make better stuff, no matter if you're just starting out in Monster Hunter: World or a seasoned veteran. With the sheer amount of equipment on offer, it's somewhat confusing to know just what you need at any given time to make the thing you need. This guide contains tables for how to craft armour and the materials you need for…

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Feature: Get yer materials 'ere

Monster Hunter: World materials: where to find them

With so many materials on offer in Monster Hunter: World, it can be tricky to know exactly where to find the items that you need. Sure, the game has a wish list that you can assign items so it tells you when you find the materials needed to craft them, but they don't tell you exactly where to find them. This guide will show you…

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Feature: They've found a level beyond high rank.

Monster Hunter: World tempered monsters: where to track them, how to get decorations and streamstones

The post-campaign of Monster Hunter: World opens up a new challenge for those wishing to take on even harder versions of the monsters in exchange for better rewards. These tempered monsters are harder to kill and require a bit of legwork to even get the chance to hunt them. It's a little confusing as to how it all works, so this guide will take you through where…

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Feature: One more ingredient for the pot.

Monster Hunter: World item melding: how item melding works

Are the items being obtained through hunts in Monster Hunter: World not good enough for you? Perhaps you didn't get the decoration you needed to complete your set? Item melding could very well be the answer and this guide will take you through how to unlock it and how item melding works.

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Onimusha: Warlords getting a remaster

Hello fans of militant isolationism, we have another Sengoku period videogame for you*. It's called Onimusha: Warlords and it's coming out in – wait. Onimusha: Warlords. That's the game you love! That's the 2001 samurai slice ‘em up that you used to tell all your school mates about every time they mentioned Resident Evil and then they'd all turn away from you and pretend not…

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Feature: Look at my horse, my horse is amazing.

Monster Hunter: World Kirin: how to kill it, what is its weakness

With the main campaign's monsters beaten in Monster Hunter: World, there is one more optional Elder Dragon to track down. This horse-like lighting wyvern is incredibly fast and capable of turning around fights . All that stands before you and total victory is this huge sparkly dragon, born into the world through crystals gained from the Elder Dragons that have died before it. This guide will…

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