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William Shatner’s Tekwar lives again… for some reason


William Shatner’s Tekwar, released way back in 1995, was exactly the sort of game you’d expect to see from a meeting of minds as brilliant as Ol’ Bill Shatner (baffler of evil computers, aspiring writer of words) and Capstone Software, the studio behind such classics as Surf Ninjas and Terminator 2: Chess Wars. It combined stilted FMV Shatner monologues, incoherent level design and more bugs than you can shake a cyber-stick at.

It stands to reason, naturally, that there’s a mostly-complete engine port, allowing the game to be enjoyed at modern widescreen resolutions on whatever cutting-edge machine you use for your modern-day manshoots. A pleasant(?) side-effect of Blood’s revival on modern machines thanks to the efforts of Russian modder and coder Alexander ‘M210’ Makarov.

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