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Captain Forever Trilogy pilots its way out


See that spaceship up there? That’s what my ship looked like in my first minute or so of Captain Successor. I built it from a semi-randomised collection of parts floating around the start point, but those were never going to last me long. Within 40 minutes I’d blown up dozens of rival spaceships, plundered those vessels and entirely replaced my design several times over.

Captain Forever Trilogy is a collection that contains revamped versions of the 2009 browser game Captain Forever, its sequel Captain Successor, and its clone-creating spin off Captain Imposter. There’s a new engine that makes each game now run more smoothly and with a prettier background, though the only substantial additions are the new wing modules and some writing by Cassandra Khaw. It just came out, and the best way I can think of convincing you it’s great is to show you what I got up to in my first game.

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I can’t wait to build spaceships again in Captain Forever Trilogy


The original Captain Forever, a browser-based game about blowing up hostile spaceships and nicking their parts to build your own, is a little bit special to me. Years back, it was my go to game in a school that had locked down access to most school-distraction providing websites – but I’d probably have played it for months on end even if the rest of the internet was open to me. Trying to destroy ships while also minimising damage to them was a blast, and improvising new designs from the resulting debris blended creativity with resourcefulness in a way that was deeply satisfying.

All of that made the upcoming launch of Captain Forever Trilogy excellent news to wake up to on a bleary Friday. It’s a revamped version of the original game, its sequel (not Captain Forever: Remix) and its clone-creating spin off, with some fancy new wing modules and the minimalist story fleshed out and re-rewritten by Cassandra Khaw.

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