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AirMech Wastelands rolls out to early access

Airmech Wastelands

It’s been a good, long while since we heard anything about Airmech, Carbon Games’ ambitious spiritual successor to 1989’s ancient proto-RTS Herzog Zwei. Even in its early days of development, part of Carbon’s plans has been to bless theĀ PvP-focused Action RTS with a full single-player campaign inspired by Advance Wars. That was over five years ago, though, and you can be easily excused for thinking it’ll never happen

Better late than never, says I. This Friday, the story-driven action-RPG spinoff AirMech: Wastelands is available via Steam Early Access as a standalone, commercial game, albeit carrying an Alpha tag. True to their promises of years past, it’s free for anyone who has previously bought the Prime version of the now PvP-focused and rebranded AirMech Strike at some point in the past.

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