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Caretaker: Stealth, Sci-Fi And Stargate Atlantis’ Rodney McKay

I think it's friendlyA few weeks back I played an early build of Caretaker – a stealth puzzle game where you float your way through a paneled maze towards what was then a glowing head but I think may have been placeholder art. Since then a few more details have been announced concerning the narrative and the voice actor so I thought I’d pop up a quick info post about it.

The premise is that the stars are going out and humanity decides to investigate. According to developer, Byron Atkinson-Jones, “What they find is an ancient alien structure that is manufacturing a weapon so powerful it’s absorbing all the energy from existence.” The culprit is an embittered alien who fancies rebooting the universe but has, in a fit of hubris, failed to secure its own facility.

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