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Knock-Knock. ‘Who’s There?’ Ice-Pick Lodge. ‘Uh-Oh.’

Ice-Pick Lodge tend to pop up when you least expect them, with the game you least expect them to make. They've been sensibly resistant to attempting another Pathologic, instead darting off to create new specimens of the weird, the wonderful and the intimidatingly odd. The enormous success they so richly deserve has eluded them, which means a move to Kickstarter is probably sensible. True to…

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Cargo! The Quest For A Demo

Fancy a taste of Ice Pick Lodge's surreal puzzle adventure thing, Cargo!? I know that you do, and you are in lucky on this fine morning because an 800mb demo has materialised both on the main site, and at some other mirrors.Cargo! is quite the game, as Quintin explained in his recent article: "Cargo is really a game about surprises. The surreal setting is forever…

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Wot I Think – Cargo!

Russian developers Ice-Pick Lodge are an inspiration of mine. Operating out of a two bedroom Moscow apartment, their small team assembled Pathologic, one of my favourite games of all time, and monstrous afterlife-simulator The Void, which was among the most interesting games of 2008.Both of these games were legendarily bleak. Last week Ice-Pick released Cargo! - The Quest For Gravity, and it’s eye-popping colour alone…

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A Naked Truth: Cargo Released, Impressions

Thanks to everyone who sent this in, tweeted and MSNed me about this. I'd also like to thank you guys for stopping short of throwing rocks through my window.So, Ice-Pick Lodge, the legendarily high-minded Russian developer behind Pathologic and The Void have just released Cargo, a game I've been looking forward to for almost a year. More so ever since I read Tom Jubert's account…

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Everyone Wants To Have FUN: Cargo!

Last year we heard that Ice Pick Lodge - they behind the extraordinary Pathologic and The Void - are working on a new game, Cargo! (Exclamation their own.) As Kieron noted last time, it's hard not to see this bright, colourful project as a satirical response to the criticism their previous dark, barely-fathomable games have received. Described as being an "absurd comedy with musical numbers…

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Non-Vanilla Ice-Pick Lodge: Cargo!

They're back. Ice-Pick Lodge, creators of previous art-pop-powerhouses like Pathologic and The Void return, with a new game that should be with us before the end of the year. With only a press-release and some art, it's hard to get a handle on it - but it's a radical aesthetic inversion from its none-more-gloomy predecessors. It promises to blend a game with a musical-featuring carnival…

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