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Magical spatial daydreams in ISLANDS: Non-Places


Oh good! Now it’s been released I can tell you some of my thoughts about Islands: Non-Places [official site]; Carl Burton’s collection of interactive vignettes which highlight and remix waiting spaces, car parks and other not-quite-destinations. Read the rest of this entry »

ISLANDS offers playful vignettes to visitors from 17 Nov

Islands remixes holding spaces

Islands [official site] – a gorgeous set of strange and atmospheric scenes, each infused with a particular colour – is out on 17 November. I’ve written about it here before because it looked so beautiful so here’s your heads up about the point at which it breaches your gaming reality. November 17. Read the rest of this entry »

ISLANDS Brings Beautiful Vignettes To Greenlight


I am getting the strongest sense of deja vu with Carl Burton’s gorgeous Greenlight submission, ISLANDS. Like, to the point where I was so sure we already had an article talking about how gorgeous the screenshots were and was about to skip writing this because of already writing it.

Apparently I’m broken and we haven’t posted about it at all. So, here! Have a look at ISLANDS!

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